Top Destinations in Maui

Destinations in Maui

Maui offers the ideal mixture of city sophistication and untouched natural beauty for many. Maui' s no stranger to making similar lists year after year. The Lahaina is rich in tourist traps, but you can still find a lot of authentic history here. Soyez sûr de visiter ces grands endroits dans l'Upcountry Maui. Imagining a beach in Hawaii always brings white sand to mind.

The top US destinations in 2017: Mahaui

Maui' s coastline offers a wide range of waves - from soft waves to this mighty Honolua Bay-surface. Travellers in the US and around the globe look forward to TripAdvisor's annual Travelers' Choice Award for two key purposes - to see how their favourites were doing and to find their next holiday destinations.

In 2017, Maui became two of the most visited destinations: Two top destinations in the United States and one top Iceland in the world. Maui' s no unknown person who makes similar listings year after year. It is a place like no other and offers stunning rides that make it truly unique.

Haleakala volcano and is home to two parts: the peak and the Kipahulu area. There are many legend connected to the Haleakala peak and craters, most of which concern the old Maui. It can be reached by an extreme curvy street and is often frequented by visitors who come here to enjoy camping or just to be enchanted by the majesty of the craters and the famous sundown.

There are two footpaths leading from the top to the caldera. From Kipahulu coast, the peak is divided by the Kipahulu Valley Biological Reserve, which is off limits to the population. There are more than 24 nature swimming areas along the coast. Throughout Hawaii, you will find an abundant variety of sandy beach.

Furthermore, the islands sandy areas are covered with reds and blacks. Maui has about 80 120-mile long sandy spots more than any other Hawaiian islet. As well as the diversity of sands, Maui offers a range of waves - from soft waves to high waves - making it perfect for a multitude of aquatic activity.

Few roads are as scenic and scenic as the Route to Hana journey. Aka Hana Highway, the 65 mile long highway meanders down the northeastern coastline of Maui, offering stunning views of mountain, rainforest, waterfall and secluded sands. This full-time ride takes you through a small street with many bends and single-lane overpasses.

Maui' s waterways, especially the canals between Maui and the Molokai and Lanai Isles, are home to up to 10,000 megrims. Situated off the southwest coastline of Maui, this small crescent-shaped islet is known for its amazing snorkelling and scuba dive sites full of colourful coral, a multitude of fishing, marine tortoises and other marine life.

A wide variety of sea creatures and the tranquil, clear water sheltered by the nearby islands make this place a paradise for diver and sea-lover.

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