Top 10 things to do in Oahu 2016

Oahu 2016 Top 10 Activities

Ten things you need to do in Oahu Hawaii: By no means, here are 10 things that travelers should do while on Oahu. Get to the north coast. Walking on the Koko Head stairs. You can save up to 55% on combined entry to many of these top attractions and activities.


Oahu's agenda is apparently never-ending. It has innumerable nice sandy spots, breathtakingly nice walks and lots of great places to eat, making it difficult for the visitor to limit their listing to the most important things. Throughout my 50+ Oahu travels I have done pretty much everything the islands has to offer. Well, that's not all.

Here are my top 10 suggestions for those who want to have the journey of a life on Oahu! THESE ARE THE 10 BEST PLACES TO TAKE PICTURES ON OAHU. Wherever my boyfriends or guys I know go to Oahu and they' re going to be in Waikiki all the while, they'll all hate it.

For this reason I would like to begin by saying: do not waste all your patience in Waikiki. WAIKIKIKI is a great place to remain, but if you are staying there, make sure you hire a vehicle so that you are able to get to points 1-9 below! I prefer breakfasts at dawn, which is simple when you come from the shore because the difference in times is in your favour.

When you have free nights, go up and down Waikiki. There' are road artists, birds and other funny things to try! When you want to enjoy the whole outing ( or two!) as if you were in Jurassic Park or need a funny rest between turbulent seaside holidays, look no further.

The Kualoa is a wonderful farm between Honolulu and the North Shore, where many well-known films were shot - Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbor to name but a few. The best thing you can do while you visit Oahu is to take full advantage of the wonderful walking opportunities. Visit Diamond Head for a fast and simple walk with a wonderful panoramic views.

Lanikai is still quite simple and with a nice view (professional tip: go to Lanikai to observe the sun rise, walk the pill boxes while it gets warm, then back to Lanikai for bathing time). And if you're for something especially complicated, try my darling of them all - Kokohead.

Canoeing all over Hawaii is beautiful (of course), but my way leads from Lanikai Beaches to the mystic caves. Hawaii Beaches Times for kayaker hire - they take it right to the beaches! If you are in Oahu, you can't miss a trip to the north coast.

It is the most secluded and, in my view, the most attractive. In Haleiwa, your goal should be on the north coast and I suggest you make a number of stopovers on your way and during the trip. When you are looking for a nice sandy spot with plenty of sea, you can die without fear (always a plus), I would suggest Waimea Bay next.

If you are willing to dine, go from there to Haleiwa! When you need some sub-beach breakfasts biofuel, snatch an açaí dish at Haleiwa Bowls (you might have seen it on Instagram!). In Haleiwa for luncheon, visit Kua'Aina: a quick and quite good burgerspot! When you' re done with your meal, stroll through Haleiwa itself, a very sweet old city.

Matsumoto' s is the best shaving rice on Oahu! When you miss your Haleiwa lunches, take a look at the dining cars on the way back to Honolulu. Taste Pupukea Grill for a tangy shell of fish (soooo good), Giovanni's for prawns (very popular!), or North Shore Taco for Taco of course.

Haeiwa Joe's in Haiku Gardens is my favourite food in Hawai'i - and that says a great deal about someone who has been to Hawai'i over 50 visits! Notice: There is also a Haleiwa Joe's in Haleiwa, but I strongly suggest Kaneohe in Haiku Gardens. For a secluded place, Secret Island (part of the Kualoa Ranch) is my destination.

Though not free, when you buy a free pass you get entrance to the sea and unrestricted outdoor pursuits such as paddling, kayak, volley-ball, etc. for 2 people. The Lanikai is my favourite spot of all times, often named as one of the best beaches in the game! Attempt to get there at dawn or remain at dusk, not only for the view, but also to keep out of the crowd (it is very common nowadays).

Chopper trips are the best way to see the islands. When you need a place to hire a good objective, Hawaii City has been very useful. DON'T MISS MY HAWAIIAN CHOPPER TOURS: Swim with a dolphin in the great outdoors is a truly magic adventure that should come first when you visit Oahu.


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