Top 10 South Island

Best 10 South Island

Take a look at our list of the ten most important sights on New Zealand's dramatic South Island. South Island New Zealand Top 10 | STA Travel Kiwifruit SpottingVisit Stewart Island for one of the best occasions to see the scarce kiwi bird in its native environment. Milford Cruise and Doubtful SoundsOvernight cruise on the Sound is the best way to get into the majejeur. Kayak on the sound is a good opportunity to see harbour seal and porpoise.

Trek through the indigenous shrub to sandy shores; go by boat or canoe through the water of this beautiful national park.

Best 10 day hikes on the South Island of New Zealand

Having spend in a clogged metal can with grand pianos for hundreds of minutes, maybe even thousands of nights, to get to these distant isles, there's no better way to extend your feet and get some breath of breath than on a walk. They can' t come to New Zealand and not be ready to explore the vast expanse it has to provide, so make sure you wrap your hiking toes.

You might get a few bubbles from your boot, you might get starving, thursty, and weary, but when you have finished the walk and look at all the great pictures, you'll know why it was inconvenient. There is something for everyone in New Zealand. I' ve chosen to put together a list of the best walks of the year.

If you are interested in the South Island, I have compiled a full New Zealand travel guide with numerous routes, walks, photos and tip. And if you are looking for inspirational ideas, I have also prepared some New Zealand roads for many of these places.

Undoubtedly one of the best dayshikes I've done in New Zealand and believe me I've done a lot! From Glenorchy municipality, the trail begins about 15 min. and leads mainly through the local shrub until it ends in a precipitous plain from which peaks and ridges are inaccessible.

On the northernmost point along the mountain crest you can see paradise (yes, there is a place in New Zealand that is actually known as paradise) and the Earnslaw Glacier nearby. There is a breathtaking panoramic sight of Lake Wakatipu and the neighbouring hills from the south. The Mt Alfred mountain walk leads over privately owned lands.

It is the ultimative walk from Queenstown, where I spent 4 month in New Zealand in the last year. If you come out of the woods sooner than on Alfred Mountain, you will reach Ben Lomond Saddle, where you can turn right to Bowen Peak or turn right to Ben Lomond High.

From the top you have unrivalled vistas of the Remarkables Mountain Range in the southeast, Walter and Cecil Peak over Lake Wakatipu in the south. There is Moke Lake in the west and countless gorges and gorges in the north. When in Queenstown looking for a short walk, take a look at all the other walks around Queenstown.

Wanaka's most beloved hiking trip (btw means hiking in Kiwi) is Roys Peak, which is only 5 km from the small city on the water. This relatively easy 6 hours ascent and descent is definitely a great idea for a full outing. Most of the trek itself is on the east side of the hill and offers breathtaking vistas throughout the whole outing.

However, be wary, it is 100% exposure, so take sunscreen, windproof clothing and lots of fresh air with you, and although the scenery on the way is definitely deserving of being written home, the vista from the top is outside the class. Roy's Peak is included on many of my routes in my New Zealand travel guide.

The Isthmus Peak, which lies in the mountains between Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka, is another great outing. This is one of the main reason why it is one of the most worthwhile walks in Wanaka. There is a more spectacular view of the peak than Roys Peak and you can see a 10% of the population.

While Rocky Mountain isn't very long (it only lasts about 1.5 hours to the summit), it's been fitted with a few stairs and leaders, and if there's something I don't like about walking, you've got it, stairs and leaders. At the top, the Tirador looks directly eastwards over Lake Wanaka and above all towards sundown.

On the way there are several vantage points from which you have a wonderful view of Diamond Lake right at the beginning of the walk. Mt Robert in Nelson Lakes National Park is a medium-difficult half-day tour that offers excellent vistas of Lake Rotoiti and the surrounding hills that divide the Tasman/Marlborough area.

Bealey Spur Trail is just that, a picturesque little hillside near the town of Arthurs Pass, which provides a magnificent view of the remainder of the TALLE. This slow ascent, mainly within the timber line, is a great full days trip and provides spectacular vistas of the Waimakariri and all the nearby peaks, Avalanche Peak, which will be presented later.

It is a small but cute path culminating in a shimmering sea in a suspended canyon. I have often noticed that on most walks in New Zealand, when you are willing to be 5 min away from the top places, there is a lot of loneliness. It is one of the best back country cabins in New Zealand, but must be reserved well in advance. All cabins must be rented in time.

On a clear sunny days the trail can be very lively, but the glacier scenery is simply unbelievable. Now, this trek has by far the highest relationship of outlook and exertion. A two-and-a-half hours drive back to Hooker Lake is stunningly nice. Your trek leads you north along the Hooker River, but it doesn't make any difference whether you're looking upriver or downriver, to your right, to your right, to your right, to your right, to your right or to your right, everything is great at any time of the year.

You' d be mad to miss Mount Cook if you're going on a brief journey on the South Island of New Zealand. This is a walk along the western coastline of the glaciers that provides an unbelievable view of the Franz Josef glaciers and the whole area. From the top you have an unbelievable view of several three-thousand-metre summits and the renowned Franz Josef Gletscher.

A good option for those who don't have a few hundred bucks for a helicopter tour in the city. Gertrude Saddle is another great walk in Fiordland National Park. A view of the glacial valleys up to the fjord makes you quickly overcome the obstacle of the ascent.

Close to the top of the trail you will have to pass a large part of the slippery cliffs, which become very slippery in soaking. The long walk to the top of Mount Fyfe near Kaikoura will reward you with magnificent vistas over the lowlands to the Pacific Ocean in the eastern direction, but also along the sawtooth serrated Seaward Mountains in the western direction.

It'?s an hours and a little to the top from here. There is a great view of the peak and as this walk on New Zealand's South Island is not very much appreciated, it is quite quiet. To prolong the walk, you can continue along the riggeline until you get to Gables End.

Approximately one and a half hrs later you come from the bush line with panoramic view of the bottom of the valley. It'?s 2 hrs from here to the top. The view from the top is wide and worthwhile. You will be attracted by several giant summits, a pale azure Kargletscher and the meandering Bealey River.

One big plus of this walk is that it can be turned into a bow with the Scotts tracks. The Scotts Track provides a great view of the Devil Punchbowl Waterfalls. I walked a lot after 15 month in New Zealand. Are you planning to travel to the North Island and your journey is concentrated on nature then make sure to check my mail about the best days walks on the North Island.

Hiking in New Zealand is usually easily understandable, but can be hazardous if you do not act properly. DID YOU DO ONE OF THOSE WALKS IN NEW ZEALAND?

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