Join friends and family at Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island, Fiji and enjoy luxurious environments and state-of-the-art facilities such as:. Obtain the address, phone number or email address of Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island, Fiji. Get away from the beautiful, romantic Tokoriki Island Resort for a unique retreat for adults only. New Sheraton Tokoriki Resort is the first international chain resort on Fiji's spectacular Mamanuca Islands. You can book a day trip to Tokoriki Island.

Sheraton Reort & Spa Tokoriki Island Features

Fiji's paradise is waiting for you with a number of special offers for an unforgetable vacation. Join your relatives and family at Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Iceland, Fiji and experience the luxury of the surroundings and the most modern amenities, including: Several of the above may not be available 24 hours a day or without prior notice.

This is Sheraton in Tokoriki Island: Fiji's Barfuß-Insel with 30 adult resorts

Sheraton Tokoriki is situated on the Mamanuca Islands on Tokoriki Isle, where two resort locations are grouped. It has its own dive and snorkel area. Sailing boats are transferred to a sandy blanket where visitors either pull up their trousers or their coats and walk barefooted into the lazy ocean.

Covering 14 acres southwest of the most northerly of the Mamanuca Islands, this bare-footed sanctuary was re-opened in February 2017 after a $16 million renovation following Cyclone Winston. It has 101 guest rooms and suite, among them 30 pure "Tokoriki Retreats" for grown-ups with en-suite bathrooms, diving pools and sea-view.

There is also a reed-roofed four-room spas, fitness studio and fishing fishmonger created by Peter Kuruvita, an Aussie head caterer and TV personal. In front of the shore is an enticing inflinity swimmingpool with wooden terraces, roofed cots and deckchairs. Overlooking the Coral Sea to the isles of Tavua and Yanuya.

One can even see Monriki Island, where Tom Hank's Castaway was shot. Overnight in a 40 square meter large room and the view of palms, sandy beaches and aquamarines is celestial. This room is one of four at the end of the day, with two rooms on the shore and two behind us (Ocean Xenon Rooms).

A few paths of goats lead down to the shore, which means you can get out of your beds and drift in the idyllic waters within a few mins. Mealtimes here are a high point both at Kuravita's second Fiji branch of Kuravita's fishing fjord and at The Reef, a new and relaxed seaside restaurante.

Since you are limited to one single small isle, there is a surprising amount to do. Take your hands on flippers and snorkels and discover the local sanctuary, paddle board or hire your kid to the children's nightclub (older kid may not find it inspiring enough) while you enjoy a relaxed massaging session. There is a program of day -to-day activity at the seaside resorts or just drifting in the blue-green seas.

All non-motorized plumbing gear is charged $55 per room per night. We' ll climb the hills behind the retreat and land on the helicopter pad to see the sundown. The next occasion I will be following the example of the other visitors who will be bringing a glass of toast.

It is an outstanding insular retort with great dining, a wonderful sandy beaches, modern rooms and a wonderful spas. Insufficient isolation between the rooms means that you can listen to other people. Meals are delicious but expensive, so buy a table in advanced.

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