Tokelau Population 2016

Tokyo Population 2016

Tokelau 2016 Census, Statistics New Zealand. 6%, unspecified 0.8% (2016 est.). 1,285 (2016 est.

) Country comparison to the world: 234[see also: Population Country Ranks ]. Atoll population in 2001 excludes 88 persons counted in Apia (Samoa). That article was amended on 10 March 2016.

World' s highest number of domain names? South Pacific Nations Tokelau | News

What countries have registrated more than any other? If you knew the unlikely case - the South Pacific nation of Tokelau (1,337 inhabitants) - give yourself a golden badge. This small islet - 12 square kilometres (4.6 square miles), a former UK patronage that has been New Zealand since 1925 - is an on-line behemoth in the number of giants of nationally designated TLDs registered: more than 31 million in total, larger than China or Germany, which are the nearest in number.

This large number of registration is due to the one-of-a-kind business concept developed by Joost Zuurbier, a businessman from the Netherlands, which enables foreign web surfers to sign up for free registration of Domains. It shows that China and Germany each have slightly more than half of Tokelau's total registration volume of over 16 million TLDs.

With 10.7 million registrated TLDs or 3.4% of the overall population, the United Kingdom is the 4th biggest national population. The. us top-level domain is relatively small with only 1,687,107 Registrations or only 0.5% of the number. The Nominet says that this is due to the overweight of in the US. Because of the low number of registrated names, some lands like Syria (.sy) and Somalia (.so) are almost inaudible.

This visualization (a full high-resolution copy can be found here) was published on the occasion of the ICANN55 global domains gathering in Marrakech, Morocco. - The present articel was changed on 10 March 2016. A previous release misstated the number domains as 687,107.

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