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The Tikehau is a coral atoll and part of the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia. The Tikehau has two world class breaks - both for very advanced surfers. The Tikehau is a low tropical island, considered one of the most beautiful atolls of Polynesia. Ideal for young people, with lively beaches, dances and a surfing scene. The Tikehau Ninamu Resort, Tikehau Picture:

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The Tikehau is a breathtakingly calm and peaceful Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia, which means peaceful landing in the Tuamotuan locale. Situated 340 km north east of Tahiti, next to the Rangiroa Alm. only 12 km away. The Tikehau is made up of small islets lined with reefs that surround an elliptical lake.

It' re full of concealed bays and lost edges of rose and knows sand, all of which are covered by a shelter. The Tikehau has only one passage through its coastline, which contains not only an exceptional wealth of fishing, but also amazing surfing shafts that can be surfed anywhere between two and eightft.

Like any other lake in Polynesia, the inner part of the lake is just as dark green with a magnetization of amazing scuba and the capacity to dive with mantas.

Ninamu, Tikehau Atoll, Tahiti: An exquisite wine in the sea

I' m seated at the rim of a lake, under a big rose and watch a beautiful Polish sundown. For Ninamu they are what hunter-cells are to Australia: almost innocuous and a little bit confused for non-natives. The Tikehau Atoll of the Palliser Islands, about an hour's flying time from the French-Polynesian capitol Pape'ete, is part of this area.

Although we are preparing to get off the speedboat, Ninamu's small seaside retreat is still hidden, mainly designed to save the country and the world. To do research, he spent a year sleeping alone on the Isle with a pole, a marquee and a "massive" satelliteshell, so that he could observe the football team from his shed to finally determine the location of his hut and bungalow.

Gradually - everything had to be taken in a small ship and constructed by crafts - O'Callaghan's off-grid resort took on a face. However, this is also a wrong name, because according to Polish yardsticks small numbers of people fly in. Head chef Jean Francois says they are lurking in his bath, we don't know if the charm - and skillful cuisine - turns us on.

His permacultural menus include maihi, mahhi, wahoo, basebonito, salad, purple yams, homemade bred and, as is customary in France, corduroy shouches - here a dauphinoise potatoe, there a tartar-like treat of thuna. Mozart networks do their thing in the Polyynesian heat and blackouts hit in the rainy season.

During meals and twice a week during our four-day sojourn we are in the company of attorneys and physicians, honeymoons, people who celebrate their 50th birthday and a pair that seems to have snorkeled every one of the reefs that the sun worshipper knows. It is said that there is hardly a better place to see sea living than here in the Tikehau Bay - Jacques Cousteau's crew found out 30 years ago that it contains a greater variety of seafood than anywhere in Polynesia, and today it is a legendary place.

Throughout the surf seasons, the surf break is home to surfers who are so amazing that O'Callaghan "knew he had to buy property here" after being here for the first time in the end of the190s. Auckland and Pape'ete are served by Air New Zealand from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on a day-to-day service. The Ninamu Resort has eight cabins and works on an all-inclusive-base.

Twice a day, you can go angling, snorkeling and surfing. The return transfer to Tikehau is insured. Dumas traveled with the support of Air New Zealand and Ninamu Resort.

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