Things to see in Waikiki Oahu

Places of interest in Waikiki Oahu

This is Waikiki and Oahu from the top of Diamond Head. Legendary Waikiki Beach is a must if you're on Oahu. The time of day may sizzle in Oahu, but when the sun goes down, Waikiki gets even hotter. There is something for every recreational traveller at Waikiki Beach. The luxurious Oahu Eco Adventure Tour starts in Waikiki.


Waikiki's activities at night

The daytime may be sizzling in Oahu, but when the light goes down, Waikiki gets even warmer. Oahu is the centre of attention, as Waikiki is the most important part of the city. On the other hand there are more relaxing things to do at nights in Waikiki, which underline the islands nature.

Whatever your travelling styles, you will sail along the banks of Waikiki towards a good age. In Waikiki, from hole-in-the-wall pubs to over-the-top nightclubs, something is brewed every single/weekly. Favoured by local people and visitors alike, RumFire is a chic promenade with imaginative drinks and comfortable cuisine.

Take a place at the fireplace and spend an archipelago evening under the star. Duke's Waikiki: Located in the crescent of Waikiki, with Diamond Head at a shady location, Duke's Waikiki is a vibrant place to dine, feast, dance and indulge in the Hawaiian alpha-ghost.

Be enchanted on the island of Hawaii with a touch of Icelandic songs and jazzy reef. The icon is relatively new to the Waikiki nocturnal life community, but is already a crowd puller. What you can do in Waikiki at nights doesn't end here. I know it sounds weird going to the zoo at noon.

But Honolulu Wildlife Park uses the dark with dusk trips and stargazer. See the midnight animals that call this sanctuary home and the pulsating nightsky from an insular view. Diamond Head: If you think that the Diamond Head is just for the day, think again! Drive on Diamond Head Roads to Diamond Head Lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic view of the sundowner.

When you' re not on a sedgeway, you can still end the days planning to walk Diamond Head for a face-to-face view of the sundown. Diamond Head Park shuts at 6:00 p.m. It is a good way to injected night life into the blood vessels without overdose at the crime site.

On an Oahu coctail boat trip you get a mixture of local tunes and May Tai's while you sail the banks of Waikiki. The atmosphere on the islands is further enhanced by the powerless sundown. A lot of mum and dad go to Oahu with their children. Fortunately, the activities in Waikiki also cover the family.

I think every holidaymaker in Hawaii must live a true tradition of Lauau. Aha' aina Royal Lau at the Royal Hotel is an upmarket venue right on Waikiki Beach (Mondays only). At Hilton Hwaiian Village, visitors will have an hands-on adventure with Waikiki Starlight Lucu. At the end of the day there will be a firework display.

A picknick on the beach: Have a simple supper on the shore for supper. On Friday evening this is even better, as you can see the above-mentioned firework from almost every place on the shore. Don't let the twilight go down without staying a whole day in Waikiki.

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