Things to see in Waikiki Hawaii

Sights in Waikiki Hawaii

Activities in Honolulu, Oahu: Waikiki Beach is home to a variety of water activities! Explore the best sights in Waikiki, including the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Wizard Stones of Kapaemahu and Rainbow Drive-In. Nowhere like Hawaii could there be a better place to see and do free things than in Hawaii, and Oahu delivers safely. Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort offers a variety of recreational activities on the property, including daily Hawaiian cultural activities and a surf school.

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Waikiki Beach Walk offers many world-class amenities, a wide range of restaurants and restaurants, day-to-day activities, fun and a wealth of historical and cultural attractions - right in Honolulu! Once a place of recreation and windsurfing for kings of Hawaii. Sail Hawaii's most beloved cruiser across the tranquil Waikiki River to enjoy life-lasting, top food and stunning coastal and sunset outlooks.

Unwind on the boat with a beverage encircled by Diamond Head and Waikiki & let your worries pale with the tan. Let the astonishing Hawaii Green Sea Turtle welcome you on this early bird game! Journey your whole lifetime on this Hwaiian para-sail and float over the stunning coast of Honolulu for an memorable one!

Drive along the Waikiki coastline and enjoy a tasty seafood special. Observe the sundown from inside or outside seating. Including free pick-up & a welcome beverage. Enjoy an unforgettable sundown on the elegant Maestic tour with a large dinette and an open-air decking area that offers a relaxing night, breathtaking Waikiki view and a free pick-up.

From Waikiki Beach, hoist sails on a relaxed cocktail deck cocktail-drive! Friday evening you will have a moonlit drive to see a firework display. Unwind over the clear water of Hawaii as the sun sets on a 90-minute ocean voyage off the Waikiki and Diamond Head coasts.

Cruise and snorkell in the wonderful Waikiki water! Immerse yourself in an entertaining today full of sea adventures and explore the colourful underwater world of Hawaii. Make the Waikiki Holokai catamaran decks the ideal setting for breathtaking firework that draws the sky in vibrant colours.

Take a Makani catamaran for an evening sailing trip along the Waikiki coastline. Including a free beverage & collection from Waikiki. Favourably situated just outside Waikiki, this inexpensive angling trip is a funny season for those who want to catch seafood in Hawaii. Hawaii's biggest show in Waikiki with Elvis, Micheal Jackson and a lot of artists from Hawaii!

Ride a submersible on the bottom of the water while your experienced flight instructor offers stunning reef, exotic and marine outlooks! Travel to the South Pacific with dancing and dancing in the warmest night or cocktailshow on the Isle of Waikiki!

Fly through the skies off the banks of Oahu with this memorable paradise and enjoy the breathtaking view of the classical Waikiki coast! Snorkell at Hanauma Bay and take a self-managed walk to Diamond Head & Manoa Falls. Have a glimpse of the sunshine on board a world-class glass-bottomed vessel and see the sea through large observation wells as you drive along Waikiki.

Experience the magic of Polynesia, the "Ultimate Stage Spectacular" of Waikiki entertainments with international renowned illusionist, musicians and performers!

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