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Hire a quality car in Rarotonga to make your trip a pure pleasure. We' re making car rental easy because we know you can't wait to feel the freedom of the road. 5 activities on Rarotonga Go to Muri Beaches. Muri is a beehive of activities on the island's most scenic one. Water sports (incredible scuba and snorkeling ) in abundance, weekly nights market and BBQ on the beaches, fantastic sundowns, pubs, dining and hidden sunbathing.

Avearua is the capital of Rarotonga and a really entertaining place!

One Sunday almost everyone on the Isle goes to Mass and whatever your faith is, it's a little of a pail roster adventure for all who come! Iceland Treks. The most popular of these are Trader Jacks (very local), The Moorings (famous for their F.O.B.-'Fresh of the Boat' Fischsandwich - divine) and Sails (great shellfish on Muri Beach).

The Highland Paradise is a more genuine off the well-trodden paths off the coast of the islands. Buy at least one hops on, get off the coach and enjoy a free day around the islands.

It is the offical money on the Cook Islands - Rarotonga Forum

The Cook Islands have their own local currencies, but only the Cook Islands are good. The Cook Islands and NZ currencies are at face value. When you have enough cash at the end of your journey, make sure you want to change a Cook Island coin that you don't want to keep in NZ dollar as a gift into your own when you get home.

Usually you get the best possible foreign currencies when you use your cred. Isn' t it a fact that you can use the Australia dollars in the Cook Islands? It is denominated in either the NZ or Cook Island dollars. The majority of places do not recognise Australia's currencies. The ones who use the latest foreign currencies to compute them.

What makes you think there is a way you could use the local money in The Cooks? Do you think you could use Cook Island or the New Zealand money in Canada? There is no reference to the value of the Yen. They are the ones who seem puzzled about what they think they are read.

Perhaps Donald thinks Australia is in Canada? Kenneth C. Don't even try to use A$ in the cooks. Boy, I don't know where I got Canadians from either.

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