Things to do on Norfolk Island

Activities on Norfolk Island

Here you will find everything you need to plan your dream trip to Montreal. Isle of Norfolk: A stopover in the South Pacific

A small pine-covered island in the South Pacific, Norfolk Island is perhaps best known for its intriguing cultural and welfare heritage. Formerly invaded by Polynesians, then used twice by Australia as a punishment settlement between 1788 and 1855, Norfolk was finally populated by the offspring of the HMS Bounty rebels.

Only 35 sq km, Norfolk is two and a half hour from the eastern Australian shore and 90 minutes flying time from Auckland, New Zealand. Hiking on the shore, Norfolk Island, South Pacific. Norfolk Island is a paradise for lovers of nature, gourmets and historical treasures, from its exceptional prison houses on a UNESCO World Heritage Site to the crystalline water of Emily Bay.

Formerly flushed up on their banks, the kind of Brits rebels are now appreciated by travelers who run along the coast, snorkelling the cove and making their way through the remains of the former cons... Birdwatching is a favourite on Norfolk Island. Here's a Phillip Island booby. c) Norfolk Island Tourism.

Much of Norfolk's activity revolves around its early days - and there is a boundless range of activity. Fletcher's mutiny clorama, an award-winning Burnt Pine cycle route that tells the story behind the Bounty rebellion. Hike, cycle or play a game of Golf through the historical prisoners' remains of Kingston.

Snorkell near a 17th century settler graveyard or visit one of the many island museum sites. On Sunday, if you are in Norfolk, visit St. Barnabas Monastery - a rock cathedral constructed in 1880 for the missionaries of the Chartered Court of England from the remains of the island's first prison.

Sail to the summit of Mt Pitt (316m) at dusk for a breathtaking panorama of the island, hike to the summit of Mt Bates (318m, the highest point of the island) or hire a horse-drawn coach trip on Culla & Co's wonderful Clydesdale Pony. You can also keep your soles drier by taking a trip on a glass-bottomed cruise through the island's lagoon.

The Norfolk has an amazing seasonsal, refreshing and typical island cuisine - and many opportunities for paddock-to-plate. After you are done, visit the Hilli Restaurant & Cafe for dinner. Dinner at Hilli Restaurant & Cafe, Norfolk Island. Most of the 1,500 inhabitants of Norfolk Island can still retrace their origins back to 194 Bounty mutineers who moved from Pitcairn to Norfolk in 1856.

In order to see the natives, visit the farmers' fair in Norfolk (Saturday from 7.30 am) or the island fairs (Sunday from 8.30 am) in the Bi-Centennial Complex on Taylors Road. Find out more about the island's wealth of historical information. Look at the story book at the bookstores. Favorites include works by the renowned Aussie writer and Colleen McCullough, who lives on Norfolk Island.

And the best way to get to Norfolk is by rental vehicle. Morgan's Run, a historic novel by the deceased author and Norfolk Islander Colleen McCullough about the lives of an British captive in Australia's first punishment comrades. Most of the novel is played in Norfolk Island.

Ebb at Emily Bay, Norfolk Island. c) Norfolk Island Tourism.

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