Things to do in Yasawa Islands

Activities on the Yasawa Islands

Fiji's incredible tropical waters make it a great place for snorkelling and/or diving. Yasawa islands have many different terrain. The Yasawa's from the air. Choose discount vouchers and save on diving on the Yasawa Islands and other activities when you book a boat to the Yasawa Islands on our website. Apart from the impressive sunrises and sunsets, there are no major attractions on the islands.

There are 5 activities on the Yasawa Islands -

Yasawa chain of islands in north-western Fiji is a favourite tourist resort. Until 1987 Fiji restricted land-based tourist activities in the Yasawa's. Thus most visitors could only see the Yasawa Islands from the ship decks.

However, there are now more than 30 destinations in the Yasawa archipelago serving all kinds of tourist from price-conscious to all-encompassing luxuries. Irrespective of what kind of journey you are going to Fiji, the Yasawa Iceland Group has the ideal destination for you. Obviously, no amount of the great Yasawa Islands holiday destination, no one wants to be in one place for the whole holiday.

So, if you are going on a journey to the Yasawa Islands, here are some other things you might want to consider. Fiji's unbelievable lush vegetation makes it a great place for snorkelling and/or snorkelling. Fiji's Yasawa Islands are home to manta rays, shark feeding, huge mussels and much more.

Yasawa islands have many different terrain. Most of the islands are so small you can't get away. Yasawa islands are littered with small Fiji traditionally built communities. Chartering a boat, kayaking or sailing boat, to see the Yasawa Islands from the sea is a magic one.

When you want to go into the lake alone, we recommend that you do so in one of the many safe ponds. If you go too far, you will land on another isle. One of these trips allows you to see more of the Yasawa's in less than any other way.

When you are looking for magic while visiting Fiji's Yasawa Islands, call us. There are daily excursions, sightseeing and individual charter.

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