Things to do in Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

Activities in Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

Enjoy the sun on Waikiki Beach. Shop, eat and culture in the Royal Hawaiian Center. Come and visit the US Army Museum of Hawaii. What a place to rest! Hawaii fun and FREE things to do in Waikiki!

Stress/activities in Honolulu & Waikiki

Hondolulu (especially Waikiki) is the center of Hawaiian tourist industry and for good reasons there is no lack of activities! There are 31 things to do here in Waikiki & Honolulu: This is probably the most iconsic thing you can do in Waikiki. It is an easy walk and only about 30 min to the summit, but once you have made it, you have a fantastic panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu.

This is Waikiki Beach: That'?s why you came to Hawaii, isn't it? Although they are side to side folks, beating on the shore is the most beloved thing in Waikiki. The Kuhio is the most favourite route in Waikiki and for good reason....the weather is ideal for sun bathing and bathing. Kahanamoku is the Olympic champion and "father of surfing" and the famed Kahanamoku Bronzes is a must on Waikiki.

If there is an "unmissable experience" on Oahu, it is the Pearl Harbor one. Order your USS Arizona Memorial ticket here in advanced. The Aloha Swapping Meeting: This Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday fleamarket at Aloha Stadium is the ideal place to buy your souvenirs.

The entrance fee is $1/person. Are you unfamiliar with Oahu? Find out about the location of the (is)land and where you can spend the night, as well as my favourite seaside resort, budgeted hotel, airbnbs, Honeymoon resort, family-friendly resort, luxurious resort and boutiquehotel. Honolulu's oldest botanic gardens are near Chinatown and are home to some astonishingly beautiful flora.

Entrance is $5/adult. The Waikiki Aquarium: Waikiki Aquarium is a great place to get to know the indigenous underwater world, especially if you have children. Entrance is $12/adult and $5/child. Hongulu Zoo: The Honolulu Zoo has a fairly good animal library if you are looking for a way to amuse the children.

Entrance is $14/adult and $6/child. The Honolulu Kunstmuseum: One may not think of the arts when thinking of Hawaii, but this is one of the museums most varied collections. Entrance is $20/adult. Entrance is free on the first Wednesday and third Sunday of each months. Shanghai La: This is perhaps the most surprising suprise on Oahu.

Doris Duke used to live in Honolulu, but today it is home to her comprehensive collections of Muslim artworks. It can only be visited as part of a visit to the Honolulu and the Honolulu Museums of Arts. Visits are available from Wednesday to Saturday. Visits last 2.5hrs ('1.5hrs' on site and one hr at the museum) and are $25 (including entry to Honolulu Gallery of Art).

Eastwards of Honolulu this blow hole is easy to access from a lookout deck at a turn-thru. Honolulu's journey along this coastline is astonishing. Oahu's most beloved snorkel site is only a short coach trip from Honolulu. Do you wish that you go on to aid for the latest Hawaii Breaking New Things to do, get specific deals and promotions every week?

It is the most dilapidated retail location on Oahu and an actual draw. Things like Hawaii Fashion Tours: A 5 hours Hole in the Wall trip that will take all Honolulu's meal connoisseurs to Hawaiian delicacies. "The trips cost $129/person and will be picked up in Waikiki. Leonard's Malayasadas (Portuguese donuts) are well known and while you can see their trucks on the islands or sell them in other places, a trip to the authentic pastry shop is a must for every gourmet.

Bishops' Museum: One of Oahu's best kept mysteries is the Bishop's House. Hawaii' and Polynesian Halls are top of the range exhibitions of top calibre and visiting here is a "don't miss" for those who love museums or who want to know something about Hawaii' heritage and civilization. Entrance is $22. 95 and the school is open daily.

To sample some of the locals' lives, stop at Honolulu Farmers Market on Wednesday evening from 4-7 (on the grass at Blaisdell Concert Hall) or KCC Farmers Market on Saturday morning from 7:30-11:00 and Tuesday evening from 16:00-19:00 (opposite the Diamond Head entrance).

Surfing classes at Waikiki Beach: To take windsurfing classes at Waikiki is such a classical thing (has anyone else seen Gidget Goes Hawaiian grow up?), and it's actually a great place to do it. Take a class with Waikiki Beach Services. Balls. Things: This is one of Waikikiki's most favourite breakfasts, either arrive early or queue up!

Outdoor Canoe Ride: Besides windsurfing, this is the most important cultural aquatic activity in Hawaii. A dozen of businesses are offering one or two surf trips right on Waikiki Bea. Stop at the sand and get to know the historical centre of Honolulu with Architectural Walking Tours. The best shaving rice in Honolulu (and a favourite of the Obamas) is Moiliili, the longest shaving rice warehouse on the Isle.

Ljubljana Arboretum: Part of the campus of the University of Hawaii Manoa, the Ljubljana Arboretum is located in a luxuriant rain forest environment in the Manoa Valley. Get on a katamaran for a different view on Waikiki. To have a great night with dolls, beverages and Hwaiian dance and dance, take a look at House without a key.

Look at the Go Oahu Cards! With this 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 day all-inclusive ticket you get access to some of the most beloved places on the islands, such as Polynesian Cultural Center, Kualoa Ranch, Hanauma Bay, Pearl Harbor attraction, Dole Plantation, Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum, snorkelling tours and much more!

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