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Activities in Taveuni Fiji

Lavena Coastal Walk offers a seductive insight into everything the island of Taveuni has to offer. Locate the best activities and attractions in Taveuni for your trip. Discover the spectacular landscape and hike through the rainforest and mountains. You will visit the Marine Park in Waitabu. On your way to Taveuni Fiji for your dream trip?

Taveuni, Fiji Top 10 Activities

Bouma National Heritage Park covers about 80% of the Taveuni country and hosts a range of scenic falls, streams, rivers and gorges that provide plenty of opportunity for swimming, climbing and hiking in the impressive area. Lavena Coastal Walk provides a seductive glimpse into all that Taveuni is offering.

One of Taveuni's most famous touristic sites, the impressive Tagimaucia is of great ecological, natural and culture importance. Tagimaucia is situated in a volcano craters in the hills above Somosomo and is the only place in the whole wide earth where the lovely epiphyte named after the sea is found.

According to tradition, the purple and pink Tagimaucia - now a Fiji emblem - was shaped by the eyes of a young woman who was not allowed to get married to the young man she dear. Taveuni is best viewed from Des Voeux, the second highest summit of the whole isle, which is about 1195 m above sea level.

It is a precipitous ascent, but while walking through the rain forest you have the opportunity to see the beautiful native Fiji wildlife on the way - and the views from the top of the hill are absolutely stunning. It is possible to see the neighbouring Vanua Levu and even the misty summits of the Lau Islands on clear days - Fiji's secluded little isles.

Qamea is a small little village just off the Taveuni coastline and is definitely a must. Because of its deep circumference, the islands have several large coves, surrounded by beautiful blank sands, palm-fringed sandy shores and surrounded by emerging summits. Every year, between November and December, Qamea is experiencing the wild nature of Lake Laïro when thousand of reddish shrimps maraud.

Somosomo Road is a sea canal that connects Taveuni with the neighbouring Vanua Levu Islands, where sea creatures are perhaps the most beautiful in the area. There are also some very uncommon forms, such as the Great White Wall - a huge cliff formed by soft, snowflake-like coral, which leads to a sharp, tragic difference in altitude.

The resolute walker is awarded with beautiful views of Taveuni and the skerries from the various viewpoints along the way. Taveuni's series of cavities at the south tip is the fruit of the Vuna Reef, which plunges onto the island's rugged coast and plunges into small crevasses in the volcano cliffs of the coast.

The flat ditches then spray intermittent waters, sometimes up to 50 metres high. It is a singular geologic site that is particularly tragic in the breeze when gusty winds blow the outflowing waters into a foggy blanket of mist. Jump from one to the next - in the truest sense of the word - on the International Date Line, which runs through Taveuni not far from Waiyevo.

There is a large wood card of the archipelago, divided into two parts, which indicates the area. Though Fiji is logically observing a timezone, Taveuni is 180 degree long, which means that the western side of the archipelago in theory existed in one date, while the eastern side existed the next one.

Only a 20-minute stroll from the village of Waiyevo, this small stream of flowing waters is often used as a slide when the conditions allow. They end up (a little crushed and squashed) in an adorable swimmingpool at the floor - where some footage from the 1980 romance movie The Blue Lagoon was made.

Constructed in 1907 in honour of a Taveuni warrior, a Tongan military team. This creme-coloured stonebuilding, which stands on a strip of grassy land with a view of the road from Somosomo, stands in dramatic contrast to Taveuni's deeply-green mist hiding in the back.

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