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Activities in Pago Pago American Samoa

I' ve come all the way to this remote place just to make this flight. American Samoa has a wide range of attractions and activities;. " My first hikes here - it was just a wonderland of things I had never seen before. Which church do you go to?

Which companies provide services between Nadi, Fiji and Pago Pago, American Samoa?

Pago, Pago, American Samoa on (second!) 23 May

Throughout our life the name "Pago Pago" sounds far away and strange. This is where we are, actually in Pago Pago. But the first thing we have learnt is that it is spoken by Pango Pango, and the second is that most of the local inhabitants declare this area American Sam'oa, with the main focus on the first syllable. 2.

However, American leverage is finite. It has a national park, and American Samoa is managed by the United States Department of the Interior. To Tutuila islet, the biggest of five American Samoa islets, an uncorporated part of the United States since the beginning of the 20th century.

It is a town of 9,000 inhabitants and a combined overall 65,000 inhabitants. When we get to the harbour, the most striking features are the pretty verdant rolling countryside that surrounds the cove, and the huge Trans rapid Santa Claus tunnel packaging facility, which engages a third of the American Samoa labour.

By the way, there were once two tunnel packaging companies in American Samoa. The Thai Union Group of Thailand owns a factory, which had 2,000 employees but was shut down in 2009 as a consequence of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007.

Acting in his eternal prudence about all things, the United States Congress enacted laws mandateing $. 50 a year of American Samoa's minimal pay annual increases by the time he hit the federal reserve pay. For example, 2,041 individuals who live 7,027 leagues from Washington DC are kicked out of work by 535 unsuspecting egoists who think they know more about American Samoa than the population there.

Consider this a harmful accidental result of the devastating intervention of the whole American Congress, number 1,376,932. Ah, we get there at 8:00 a.m. on a nice Wednesday mornings and start our trip, Village Way of Life, at 8:30 a.m. by going to the Pago Pago highway to get on our bustran.

There is the mode of transport on the isle and there are several hundred of these cars, most of which are in the possession of people. She is Mary, and she is nineteen years old and has just been awarded her Associates Degree. She tells about what she sees when we come over, and she is permeated by what is the realities of a nineteen year old woman's live in a big home.

We' re definitely going to learn the Village Way of Life from someone who lives it. Now, this isn't Marys High but she' s telling us what the colours of her schools and the nicknames of her team are. Then she talks to us about her footballing skills and college.

They would have to be with us to see how invigorating it is when she speaks about living from her point of vie. Listening to her, we really start to see that the company here is about the big familiy (and the town, which often consists only of a few big families).

or Flowerpot Iceland. There' s another islet within a hundred metres, and Mary is telling us the history of the isles behind the origin of these two isles, a beautiful kind of Romeo and Julia history. We' re all taking photos of the Isle and each other. Luckily we have a great group on our coach, and everyone is getting warm for Mary and her outing.

As we make our next stop, Mary says that every man on the islands thrives on three things: familiy, love and ardor. Without my brother's consent, I can't even mingle with people," she says. "She says all this without any complaints, but as an excuse for what she means by familiy, and often says these kinds of things with a delightful smile.

Religions play a central part in the Samoan's world. It' about you and your wife and kids. This is not a legal act, it is a domestic and rural practice, but it is upheld. The second stop is a paddock with a Pago Pago Rotary Club paddock devoted to the thirty-four victims of the 2009 American Samoa tsunami following an 29 September quake that took place twenty hundred leagues away.

It is said that four 15 to 20 foot long shafts have arrived on the isle up to a kilometer upcountry. The third stop is the course on the isle. Zyklon Gita, the same Category 4 gale that struck Tonga in February, also struck American Samoa and inflicted $10 million on it.

Maria introduced him by saying, with a smile: "You can see the affections this whole household feels for each other. Nine villagers were killed in the 2009 tidal wave in this small town, and a memorial created by a resident artists was placed in their memories to help the villagers deal with the losses.

It' another chance to photograph this lovely little isle - as well as a nosy old wreck. The last stop is the high point of the trip, a trip to the town where Maria and her whole life is. The Samoan civilization, as already stated, is about the Samoan people and the town is an expansion of the people.

"The Samoa Islands' tradition of rural policy, the "fa'amatai" and the "fa'asamoa", continue in American Samoa and in Samoa independently and interact beyond these present borders. Fa'amatai and Fono take place at all stages of Samoan physical policy, from the Samoan host families to the villages, the regions and even the nation's affairs.

A further part of the lives of the villagers, which Mary tells us before all sixty of us (in 3 buses) reach her villagers, is the guesthouse. Every hostal has a guesthouse, and there is a pillar that holds up the rooftop and represents every single member of the group. These are the venues for all our celebrations.

Upon our arrival we are welcomed by Mary's grandma, the mother of the house. Two of the young men from the group demonstrate how to light a fire and make a "umu" in which so much of their meal is made. Granny declares that in Samoan civilization men cook and make households.

Granny presents Mary and her co-worker - yes, the Mary who said that she would not be made to dancing. Luckily it only takes about three mins but it's a great deal of enjoyment for everyone, even the families we visit. Samoans are so welcoming, friendly and fortunate to be able to share it.

Any American could learnt from these outstanding examples how to maintain and safeguard a powerful home world. US societies need a powerful dosage of their assets and prioritization. We' re coming back to the city and we' re deciding to remain ashore. We' re going to the National Park Visitor Centre for dinner.

We' re paying our bill and are about to go when we get into a talk with the owner, as Cathy asked him how far away the National Parks Visitor Centre is (go down to the third petrol pump and it's across the street). As soon as we find it, we go in and see the head of the parks, who is the only one there.

I' ll introduce myself and explain about the garden. He' obviously from the States, so Cathy asks him what it's like to be in American Samoa. Turns out he's from Denver, just like Ed and Kathy, and they're dealing "It's a Small World After All" tales about things they have in Common.

The only one in the centre, he says, because his three co-workers give a lecture about American Samoa and the Insigniaat parks at 3 pm. It must be a big fire, which is very hazardous on a small islet with restricted firefighting skills. Such extraordinarily kind folks.

French Polynesians are very, very specific individuals.

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