Things to do in new Zealand North Island

Activities in New Zealand North Island

There are ten funny things (and one not so funny thing) to do with children on the North Island of New Zealand. During the second half of our New Zealand adventures, we went through the North Island. Though the North Island is lacking the breathtaking landscape we were impressed with on the South Island, there are still plenty of funny things to do for the family. North Island has it all..

. seaside resorts, volcanos, fabulous towns, famed moviesets, more epinephrine activity and even caverns full of small red-hot worm.

As always we were very preoccupied, jumped from one place to another and ended up in New Zealand's biggest place, Auckland. Among the many things we did on our North Island trip, here are some of our favourite things, some of which we could have done without. Weta gave us a guided walk through the Weta workshops, learned the fundamentals of making film requisites and received a brief tutorial on how to create stunning visuals.

Tyler, with his RTW videoblog projects and increasing passion for robots and computer coding, found this alluring. Tongariro crossing the Alps has blown away the other walks we did in New Zealand. A 4 km walk and sometimes quite exhausting, but we saw a five year old children doing very well.

This was our second favourite New Zealand sport after bungee jump in Queenstown. Taupo, the North Island adventurous capitol, is very similar to Queenstown on the South Island. For us, Taupo just didn't have the same mood that we had in Queenstown. In Taupo it was calmer and calmer and the city seemed much more sleepy.

The Taupo is equipped with many paths of all degrees of difficulties, perfectly for our team. That would be Tyler and Kara's first real Mountainbiking. With our hired Mountainbikes we drove from Taupo to the north and cycle along the Huka river to the Huka Falls. Tyler and Kara found these paths relatively onerous.

Afraid that Tyler or Kara would fly off the path and fly down into the valleys, ten ft below. Both Tyler and Kara did great things, and none of the terrible pictures of exterminations, crashes or falls to the bottom of the stream came to pass. Best part of the trip was the way back to Taupo, a path that led us through uncanny calm redwood woods on simpler paths.

It is New Zealand's smeariest town. There'?s almost no way to get away from that odor. New Zealand's area resembles Yellowstone National Park with its seething sludge pools, geysers as well as watery, crusted, colourful scenery. Both Tyler and Kara saw their first goysie outburst, and although it wasn't an Old Faithful, it still caused surprises and joy when cooking warm waters broke out of a pit in the floor.

Hobbiton movieset tour was a great success for our team. Both Tyler and Kara have always dreamt of having a treehouse, but if you have the chance, a child-sized building constructed in the slope can smash a building in the treetops. Conceived as a film kit, today it is a giant cash machine for the Alexander dynasty, a dynasty that happens to own the perfectly looking plot for "The Shire" in the eye of Peter Jackson.

Just outside Taupo there is a wood of Californian sequoia tree. Again this was a premiere for Tyler and Kara, a stroll under some of the highest tree tops in the canopy. Waitomo Firefly Caves, don't miss this! Waitomo Glowworm Caves sounds amazing when I hear about them, but seeing them blows us away.

It is possible to visit the caverns in several ways. In our view, the most cool way would be whitewater river rappers (whitewater river rafters through caves) or tubers on the river that flow underwater. Unfortunately, there is a twelve year old mininum to explore "wet" caverns, so we were abandoned on a "dry" outing.

All of us were taken into a rowing boat by our travel leader without rowing or power. Over our minds were thousand of minute fireflies sparkled almost like a star in the dark skies, one of the most cool things we've ever seen. All we could make was the creepy, periodical drop of rain on the stream we were floating on.

Unfortunately there are no photographic guidelines in any of these caverns, even those of the African Wildlife Park, so my only photograph is this commemorative photograph we purchased at the end of our outing. After hearing about these puzzle solving game where you are trapped in a room for an entire session and have to use hints and puzzle responses to get away, we decide to try it out.

Auckland has two run flight gaming businesses, and we happened to choose Great Escape. What do you think about that? Based on the evidence, we had to find a way out of the room. Yes, we escaped by a single moment just before the supervisor found out what we were up to.

We as a familiy like puzzles, and a hands-on run against the clock like this was perfectly for us. The zombie escape we experienced was with Escape Masters, but the gameplay wasn't as high as Great Escape. Our last morning in Auckland we returned in round three and fled the madhouse with Great Escape.

It'?s great for the whole team. That' s the best thing for the twelve years and older, but ten-year-old Kara also did a great job and had just as much enjoyment as all of us. As we travel, our families will be looking for these matches.

When you are in Auckland and want to start playing a great escape pack, these packs are so much better. Fifty astonishing things probably have to be done while we are in Auckland, so it was difficult for us to choose what we wanted to do during our two and a half day stay here.

We drove up and over the Waitakere Ranges to the coastline and the sandy Karekarebeach. We were a little too harsh to get into the sea, but we had a lot of pleasure to put our legs in the sea and watch the dark sandy area between our forefeet.

In Turkey we learnt that "Kara" means "black". "Does it not seem a little accidental that the Karekare sandy beaches contain almost the same term for "black" in Turkish? We could see the Hauraki Gulf in the far away, a row of isles grouped along the coast. On this journey we failed to go to the Hauraki Gulf, but we will meet them on our next journey to New Zealand.

I' ve heard of the Coast to Coast Walkway, an eight-mile stroll that brings energy from one port to another. On the way there are places of interest like Mt Eden, One Tree Hill, the Auckland Domain and shops to see, all things we liked.

Well, the stroll began well. So we went from place to place and gave Tyler and Kara plenty of rocking fun, room to room and just as children. Half way down, when we began our way down from Mount Eden to the town, we were all exhausted from this stroll. Though Tyler and Kara can ascend hills and wander for kilometres on jagged paths without complaining, ask them to go through the town' s roads and very quickly they are getting bore, sleepy and complaining that their legs are hurting.

Tim and I even got a little weary after the stroll. Midway out of the stroll, we found a lovely place for a belated luncheon and determined that our afternoons should be better used to get away from the zoombies at Escape Masters. If you are an adult and want to take a look at the Auckland way of living, don't be daunted, this is still a great outing.

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