Things to do in Hiva Oa

Activities in Hiva Oa

It can be overwhelming what you can see and do in Hiva Oa, but Frommer's has the ultimate Internet guide to things you can do. Discover sports & activities in Hiva Oa with our insider guide. Explore the best sights in Hiva Oa, including Temetiu Village, Pension Kanahau - Chez Tania, Relais Moehau. Are you looking for activities in Hiva Oa? The Catholic Church is a great meeting place when it comes to what to do in Hiva Oa.

Activities in Hiva Oa

Like Nuku Hiva had his illustrious Herman Melville guest and Survivor's sandfly crew on TV, Hiva Oa has the remnants of Paul Gauguin and the Belgium singing poem Jacques Brel. In 1901, Gauguin came to Tahiti to avoid being harassed by the colonies of France.

In 1975 Brel was sailing here with his boat and simply got under the charm of Hiva Oas beautiful and serene. When Brel passed away in 1978, he wanted to construct a house here that was quite a spectacle. Hiva Oa, the second biggest of the Marquesas Islands, is indeed a place of tranquility and wellbeing.

A third one on the north-east shore also partly crumbled to create the Bay of Puamau, on the shores of which lies one of the most important archeological places of Franco Polynesia. Indeed, Hiva Oa is with the remnants of the old me'aes, many of them renovated.

Both Gauguin and Brel were living in Atuona, the only city on the Isle - and my first land case when I set sail for Polynesia in 1977. Its tombs and an outstanding open-air exhibition devoted to both are the high points of every trip to Hiva Oa. While Atuona is not as physical as Taiohae on Nuku Hiva, it still maintains a traditional rural atmosphere, with some of Gaugoin's older structures.

Activities & Sports in Hiva Oa

Trips to Moena O Te Manu. For hikers, Moena O Te Manu Excursion provides half or full days hikes to Petroglyph, Falls, Talleys and Temetiu Peak, as well as trips to four WDs. Enterprise Deligny. Enterprise Deligny is offering trips to all of Hiva Oa with the help of our team. The Hamau Ranch. They can see the isle from a horses at Hamau Ranch.

You will be offered half or full days rides with a qualified instructor. Subatuona. Scuba diver should go to Subatuona in the Temetiu Village guesthouse. Eric Le Lyonnais will put together trips for you there.

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