Things to do in Fiji with Kids

Activities in Fiji with children

These are some of the highlights of what we have done. Have you got any tips for a trip with children to Fiji? In Fiji we had the opportunity to sleep, snorkel, sleep and borrow one of the paddle boards of the island. So what would you do differently next time? Are you looking for the best for children and family in Suva, Fiji?

In Fiji for children

It is a great adventures for kids. The Fijians - who are famous for their love of kids - have a smile and a hug for every little one. On the coral coast, kids can run amuck, explore sand dunes, streams, towns and a fortress on a hillside; good fort to put them to sleep after a fun night's culture show.

Fiji's rugged isles provide jungles, waterfalls, village tours and rafting. Snorkell with mantas, observe the kids catching their first big ones and ask yourself how you will ever take them away from their new comrades. Fiji's informal proverb seems to be: kids should be seen, listened to, snogged and squashed at every turn.

The kids are very much appreciated here, and the locals seem not to be familiar with the idea of shyness: their kids are quickly accepted into their plays and welcome into their houses. Only a few resort in Fiji accepts kids. There are many children's nightclubs (mostly for kids from 3 or 4 to 12 years) and child-friendly swimming pool.

In most restaurants, children's meals such as burgers and noodles are on the menus, but it is definitely a good idea to encourage them to try some of the specialties such as codfish in a milked coco, "root vegetables chips", Rotti wrap or a sweet thal. Usually home-made, it is often available and, in some cases, comes in a variety of delicious tastes.

If you have a picky appetiser, wrap up a few back-up cans or bags of your favorite cuisine. When you are not sure if your formulary trademark is going to be marketed in Fiji, make room in the case for one or two cans.

Infants and young children will love most of Fiji's shores. Sand is smooth, water hot, and there are many schools of pelagic animals, crayfish, and mussels to watch and game. Elderly children who want to discover the colorful under the calm sea can snorkel or make their first breath under water on a bubblemaker course (from 8 years); good swimmers from 10 years can register for a Junior Open Water Diver course - see for more information.

Fiji, in contrast to what is commonly believed, is not only an endless array of breathtaking shores; its lush interior is an adventure in itself, with falls, confused jungles, wild water slides and slippery paths, not to speak of the brilliant, uneven four-wheel drive that is a prerequisite for getting into the interior almost anywhere. The kids will enjoy watching for species of local bird (including colorful parrots), while the kids hunted by critter-keen can spot dormant orchid bat, local lizard and snake (there are no poisonous terrestrial serpents in Fiji).

Villages often end with a declaration of friendship and "best friend forever" between the kids and their neighbour. However, some are not covered by childrens insurance (especially under 12 years of age); others leave for free - always ask when making your book. A number of trips and excursions are reduced for kids. Ask your child's physician about the images before the journey, especially if you are in isolated areas.

Hep A and typhoid vaccinations (the latter are inappropriate for children under two years of age) are recommended by some general practitioners. A collapsible pram (although a carrycot is a better choice if you are planning a hike or a stay in a terrace or sand resort), a wearable diaper pad (baby diapers are almost non-existent) and inflatable'floaties' should be considered for infants and newborns.

Older children can take along a pair of glasses, a snorkel helmet and a guide to Fiji wildlife. Foldable strollers are handy, although a pushchair is a better choice if you are planning on walking or stay in a resorts with patioed or sanded path. Large rent a vehicle agencies and some individual chauffeurs can make available infant carriers (if agreed in advance), but there are no need for them.

There are benches on the seats, no safety harnesses and can be quite tight; infants and toddlers are supposed to be on their laps. Easy snorkeling from the sea; many colorful species. The Caqalai Older kids who can enter the sea via a small wall will be impressed by the amount of activity here.

Kadavu, Nanuya Balavu and Drawaqa Snorkel with Mantas! Southsea Island Inspect the shark, starfishes and other marine life in a semi-submersible. Mantra Monthly'Environment Day' with corals. Cadavu Mantarach. Welcome to the Navala Dorf The Navala Dorf is one of the most beautiful towns in Fiji. If you don't care, you'll have fun here with the big, welcoming team.

Fiji's first community is easy to reach from Nadi; there are many children to enjoy playing. The Leleuvia Wade into flat swims directly from the shore. Nacula (Long Beach) A raised road, suitably called after its sand length. The Octopus Resort (Waya) Spacious, beautiful beaches with never-ending charme.

Ovalau Island All of the Lomaiviti Group's remote island destinations are surrounded by shallow, child-friendly pristine whitewater sands. A breathtaking stretch of wooded coastline and the adjacent sandy Schwarzsandstrand. Disney-like confrontation with a Filipino community with performance like fake fights and dancing.

The Fiji Museum & Thurston Gardens Many large, eye-catching screens and a huge patio to walk around. Good for body surfing at Natadola Beach. Colo-i Suva Forest Park hiking paths, swims ( "one with ropeswing ") and a great birdwatch. Older children enjoy this naturally water slide in the rain forest.

The Lovoni Jungle Dorf Trik to an extrater.

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