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Explore the most popular resort on Christmas Island, The Villages, built on a lagoon overlooking the Bonefish Flats! The Villages Fishing Lodge is our most popular bonefishing excursion. Accompany us on this special adventure to The Villages on Christmas Island. Home | Captain Cook Hotel | Sunset Horizon Fishing Lodge | The Villages. Year-round waders fishing for bonefish on Christmas Island has brought more anglers to the destinations than any other place in the world.

Villages of Christmas Island

Opened for the first time in June 2006, "The Villages" has quickly established itself as the best venue and the best all-round fishery programme on the island. Situated on the unspoilt Discovery Beach, The Villages looks out over the ever-changing water of the Laguna des Atolls. Because of its position it is only a 5 - 10-minute boat trip to several large, flat, lightly padded plains swarming with bony fish, some in two-digit sizing.

"There are 8 air-conditioned cottages with room for up to 14 people. A" maneaba", a name for the angler collection centre, is located in the centre of the centre, with a cosy living and eating area, all with an exquisite South Seas ambience. Seafood, meat and poultry are cooked by an expert native cook and serviced by its skilled cooks.

The Villages offers two clear benefits when it comes to angling. Fishermen are carried to fish in the multifaceted South Pacific way, seaworthy offsets to the many prolific boonefish shallows and riff drop-offs for thrilling easyackle tuna, travellies, wahoo, rabbit runs and congo. With a few exceptions, they have removed the use of pick-up lorries at the seaside and on the coast, allowing fishermen to maximise their value.

Due to the perfect position and the concentration on the transport by sea, the guiding and angling people who fish with The Villages are usually the first to come to the apartments every single night and the last to have more angling to do. The Villages' guiding staff chose to do something that had never been done on the island a few years ago as an additional benefit.

Instead of the usual two fishers per leader that can be found almost anywhere in the whole wide globe, The Villages now has a pronounced one-to-one relationship, with every angler coming with their own personaler. As a result, more recordings of fish such as bones, revally and the diversity of other flatfish and fish.

Their unbelievable sight on the plains can often make a big difference in how many good kicks you have on any given date on the plains. Included in your Christmas Island Villages fish packages are (Christmas Island only) meal and accommodation at the christmas island christmas island christmas island christmas island lodge; lunches on fishingdays; transport to and from the christmas island christmas island fishing; daily driving and guiding charges; floor pick- up.

Your Christmas Village Pack does not include return flights to Honolulu and Christmas Island; all alcohol, tips, meals and accommodation during your stay in Hawaii; belongings, includes equipment and any other things not specifically mentioned in the enclosures; angling permit ($35.

This is the best season of the year for Christmas Island if you can be there! Angling locations in the whole wide globe that offers great chances almost every year. There' s not a poor season for Christmas Island angling. One of the most favoured seasons is in November to February, when many other places of interest are freezing and adversely affected by frost.

It is also the most favourite season for fishing on Christmas Island, so book early. The Fiji Air, the Fiji carrier, operates flights between Honolulu and Christmas Island every Tuesday. You' re crossing the International Date Line, so you' re flying in Hawaii from Tuesday to Tuesday, while on Christmas Island it's actually Wednesday to Wednesday.

Flights to Christmas Island depart Tuesday at 12:00, Wednesday at 15:00. They' re going to want to register for the 9:00 a. m. internationals. On the following Tuesday (Wednesday on Christmas Island) the plane will usually leave the island around 7:00 am and will arrive in Honolulu at 10:30 am.

Because of the somewhat unforeseen arrivals on your way back, we suggest that you plan your Honolulu flights in the early afternoons to avoid missed flights due to Christmas Island inconvenience. When you want a snack, schnapps or a glass of fine wines, buy them in Honolulu before leaving for Christmas Island.

Journey to Honolulu on Sunday or Monday: Before your planned Christmas Island weekend, which lasts from Tuesday to Tuesday (Hawaii time), we suggest that you fly to Honolulu on Sunday or Monday and spend a day or two to get enough sleep and allow for lateness or loss of luggage.

Honolulu Airporth Inn (also called Ohana Honolulu Airporthotel ) is near the terminals (and has a transfer truck; telephone 808-836-0661). On Tuesday morning: At Honolulu International Airports, please register according to the directions on your tickets or at your local tourist agency. The last flight started around midday in Honolulu.

Keep in mind that Christmas Island is one of the days ahead of US times. You are crossing the International Date Line in a plane, and your Tuesday evening all of a sudden because Wednesday! Wednesday: When you arrive on Christmas Island, Villages employees will pick you up and take you to the Iodge. When you arrive at the chalet, you will see the Director and he will lead you through the angling programme and your sojourn.

Thursdays to Tuesdays: Following your breakfasts, you will set out on a long angling trip with boom boating to the walkwade calf-flaps. They go angling from 7:30 to 16:30 and are back at the same time. The timetable can vary according to your wishes and the tide.

Ensure that your reservation is valid. Tuesdays - (Wednesdays on Christmas Island): Leaving Christmas Island on Wednesday mornings ( "early") and reaching Honolulu on Tuesday mornings (after returning via the International Date Line) at around 11:00 Please note that you will have to contribute an exit fee of $22 - $24 US on your return from Christmas Island.

From Honolulu you should not make a home reservation until later in the afternoons or evenings. Passports must be issued to all Christmas Island guests six month after the last date of their itinerary. The Villages accommodation is simple but convenient, with beachfront chalets with A/C, warm running cold and everything you need to spend your South Pacific holiday in the Wadden Sea of the Atolls.

It' only a 10 minute cruise to several large flat, lightly padded plains full of bony fish. There are eight air-conditioned double-bed cottages in the villages, which can accommodate up to fourteen fishermen at the same in one. A" maneaba", a name for the angler collection centre, is located in the centre of the centre with a cosy living and eating area, all with an elegance of the South Seas ambience.

Ideally located on Discovery Beach's unspoilt sandy beach, fishermen only have to take a few easy paces from their cabin doors to the sea to get on their South Seas-style boats and be taken to their indoor homes. It is the only on the island with this unparalleled benefit.

Most of the apartments are 10 - 15 min after you leave the sea. One of the most important things about this is that it allows a longer days of less traveling to the fishing-points. Fishermen who come to the apartments for the first while will be surprised by the expanse of the apartments. The majority of apartments are lightly padded.

During the 6 full nights of angling during your journey you will only be angling a small part of the fisherable apartments. Leaders pride themselves on the longest angling times/day of any other Iodge. Timetables depend on tidal, climatic and age. We will plan the dive according to tidal, sea, sun angle and meteorological condition.

Every DAILY the fishermen are leaving the shore in their allocated boat with their guiding and boatmen. You can reach some of the best Bonefish Apartments with a brief drive. The world' s biggest sandy and whitish corals are found on Christmas Island. There will always be a private tour leader to help you in the apartments.

The whole area will be waded and the levels will range from 6 inch to 3 meters underwater. Whenever possible, the guide selects the apartments according to the winds and the altitude of the sundowners. If you need to get to your equipment, nourishment, snack or boat or move to the next apartment, the boat guide will stay in touch with the guide by wireless and move the boat to track the fishermen and guide so that you can be easily reached on foot from your boat.

South Pacific-styled, versatile cross-country skiingffs are used to take fishermen straight from The Villages to the many prolific boardwalk and riff drop-offs. Pickup lorries used by other truck farms have been largely removed unless they have been specifically required for a few selected sea and coastal plains, allowing fishermen to maximise their value.

They are used for angling in Korean wreck water or in other places that can only be accessed by groundcrafts. This guidebook will review these specific areas if they fish well. Usually the relation between fisherman and vessel is 4 fisherman per off. Number of fishermen per skill may differ depending on the even/odd number of fishermen.

It is possible that there may be 5 fishermen on a boat, and there may also be three. One of the most fertile bonnefish resorts in the world! This is quite a message, but it is backed up by the experiences of tens of thousands of fishermen, each of whom captured and dumped tens of them in a unique outing.

Fishermen usually stalk the whole days on firm, white-ground plains, which often extend as far as the eyes can see. Angling bluefish such as Eldorado (Mahi Mahhi Mahi), Yellowsin, WAWOOO and others is an optional extra available at an extra charge.

You' re angling when it's best to go angling, not when you' re serving your breakfasts and dinners. Meal is provided according to the catch plan. Frightened, hard-working locals are part of the culture and fishery that make Christmas Island so unique. - Christmas Island is one of the most fertile bonnefish resorts in the world.

This sheltered laguna offers an excellent environment for incredible bony fish population. It' one of the few places in the word where fishermen of all levels can find several rounds of bonefishing a good number of times a year, 365 nights a year. - Fishing on Christmas Island is done as it should be - on feet.

It is the biggest freshwater sanctuary in the whole wide open sea, and the Laguna is laden with mile after mile of fishing waters, and there are extra mile from the Okanside plains as well. Fliegenfischer spends the whole days tracking bony fish (or other species) on firm, white-ground plains that often extend as far as the eyes can see.

  • Christmas Island is one of the few places in the whole wide globe that offers constant, dependable sailing and an excellent year round angling experience. There' s no poor season of the year to go and you can find great big catch when you have the chance. - Besides the great bonnefishing, there are many other thrilling types of angling on Christmas Island.

Tail squeezerfishes have become a popular destination for many regular guests of Christmas Island. Pour in sweets, lactaris, parrotfish, kidfish, snappers, and off-shore types like tunas and wahoo, and the possibilities are ample to curve to the end of your tail with many different nice, hard-hitting fox. - Especially the villages have what many think is the most comfortable place for angling on the whole island.

It is the only seaside chalet on the edge of the lake and the only chalet where visitors can go on board the boat to go angling, right at the front of their bungalows. After all, with this unique benefit, fishermen who fish with the villages have short periods to apartments and are usually the first to apartments each and the last off permitting the maximised angling ace.

  • The villages have a 1:1 fishermen's rate, so anyone who fishes with the villages has their own personal leader every single working days. This is a great enrichment to have on your shoulders all days long, with wide view fishes and an additional tail so that you can be ready to throw for a big GT if you jump on the shallows while following bonesefish.

This additional help will help you see more pelagic and more pelagic.

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