The South Island

South Island

New Zealand's South Island is known for its natural beauty, an untamed paradise dominated by a rugged and untouched landscape. The South Island School is a proud member of the ESF family. Southern Island - What is hot New Zealand? Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime as the variety of the South Island is impressive. New Zealand's South Island is known for its unspoiled nature, an unspoiled haven dotted with a rough and untouched countryside.

But the comfort of civilization is not to be missed either - South Islanders like to combine the wildlife of their area with the best of cuisine, wines and shelter.

Lovers of adventures in the outdoors are well catered for on the southern island. Christchurch, where contemporary civilization mixes with historical ambience, is the biggest town on the southern island. Farther southwards the Mackenzier region view card is marked by hills and lochs. Dunedin, the other big town of the southern island, is situated at a port.

It is a cosmopolitan vibrant old town with a long history: historical monuments, among them New Zealand's only palace, are a must. Make a tour of Stewart Island, the smallest of New Zealand's three large islets, where you can discover pristine nature and see the diversity of game. In order to really enjoy the wild natural beauties, every visitor must take the west coast into account.

Karamea in the Nordic countries to Fiordlandin in the Southwest, this exceptional area will enchant you with its luxuriant rain forests and rough landscape.

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There were so many nice to see at the PTA Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 3 October, where our families had the chance to learn about the year' s events and see the new SIS Director. Many thanks and greetings to the PTA Committee 2018-2019 parent.

PTA Chairperson's StatementAt the moment of sending this statement, there is a reminder of the PTA General Assembly on Wednesday and Welcome New Principal Social. Principal, students, parents were present and had an exhausting evenings. Mrs. Angela Lee (Vice Chairwoman), Mr. Greg Kwan (Treasurer), Mrs. Santvana Kansal and 3 Graduating Class 2018 parents:

My sincere thanks also go to 2 school representatives at SIS PRTA LTD 2017/2018: Mr Graham Silverthorne (retired Rector) and Ms Estelle Stringer, recently named Teacher Representative on the SIS School Board. Let me not disregard Mrs Annette Chapman, who is the PTA's acting director from January to July 2018.

Many thanks to the great help of the Executive Board at the General Assembly, my compliments to everyone in our care group, to a group of good young men and women from the prefect side, to two great PTA co-workers Lee-Chan and Vivian and of course to the supporting personnel at the camp. From Monday to Thursday after finishing secondary education (PM):

Departures as on regular Schooldays. From 8 October to 12 October 2018 there will be NO extracurricular activities with busses (Mon - Fri). PTA-Shop and PTA-Office The PTA-Shop and the PTA-Office are closing during the semester holidays from 15 October to 19 October 2018 (both appointments included).

We' ll reopen on October 22, 2018.

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