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Collam or Quilon, formerly Desinganadu, is an ancient port city on the coast of the Laccadive Sea in Kerala, India. By staying at Raviz Resort and Spa, Ashtamudi in Mathilil, you are on a lake and near Tangasseri Lighthouse and Kollam Beach. There was an indescribable atmosphere and hospitality at the Raviz Hotel Kollam. A look back at Welcome Hotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Thevally, Kollam. Pictures from The Raviz on instagram.

The Raviz Kollam 5 Stars Restaurants - Travelogues - The Riverside

During the Christmas season we had a rich meal in this fabulous place with a view of the baking waters of Lac Ashtamudi. Now, the ", Riverside" is re-named into the" Keraleeyam" eatery, serving good breakfasts, lunches and dinners... We had our breakfasts and dinners during our time in Raviz Ashtamudi.... There was an exquisite continental breakfastbuffet, many kinds.....

The buffet lunch/dinner seems to be quite high, so we decided for a la carte...The chef Rajesh came to us and asked for the meal...especially with my child...Our particular thanks go to Rajesh..... There is an outdoor seating area with a beautiful backwater view....really great views..... First there' s this place at the Ravy hoteI, on the sea.

All in all, ok meals, friendly personnel, but not always understand them and the other way around... The sea views in combination with the services of the hotels is an astonishing experiance.... to remain the best place for a tour.

Ashtamudi Kollam Kerala Raviz Resort & Spa

The Raviz Hotel and Spas in the country of the gods is the embodiment of natural comforts and luxuries. Raviz Kollam, also known as The Raviz Ashtamudi, is a five-star object on the shore of Lake Ashtamudi in Kollam. While in Raviz, visitors can enjoy the open-air swimming pools with views of Lake Ashtamudi and the nearby green.

The Raviz Kollam offer their guests different types of stays. It has 93 rooms and a number of hotels, as well as a number of hotels and spa centres. All in all, the Keralan way of staying in the resort blends with elegance. Kollam, the old port town, lies on the shores of Lake Ashtamudi.

Ashtamudi means eight cheated, because the sea has more than one branch. It is also the gate to the Kerala backwater. It is also known for the Kerala Piravi Vallamkal celebration, which is held every year on November the first. During the course of this event, visitors from the whole of India and the whole wide globe will be travelling to the town of Kollam.

Kerala's backwaters are not only the Kollam's allure. Besides the backwaters, Kollam is known for its Anglo-Indian Hamlet, the small seaside resort of Thangassery, the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, the Palaruvi Falls and much more. Kerala's renowned Chinese network is only 5 km from the centre of Kollam.

It is the tradition of the Raviz Kollam is what makes it special. Its historical piano follows mainly the Nallukettu-fashion. Mostly there are three types of rooms that this part of the property has to offer, the upper room, the upper room with sea views and the suite.

Rooms with sea views provide an outstanding panoramic views of the lakes and the surroundings, with an outstanding panoramic views of the historic mural paintings. Finally, called after the famed towns of the whole wide globe, the suite offers various rooms and dormitories. Raviz Kollam's mansions are characterized by two privately owned mansions with views of the lakes.

Facilities in the mansions are traditionally furnished, together with a panoramic look at the modern city. Both the double and the spacious balcony are conceived to offer all kinds of comforts and an outstanding panoramic drive. Also the high-rise of the building is conceived in such a way that it retains the tradional styling that blends with the modern architectural world.

There are three major room categories in this part of the hotels: Premium Rooms, Premium Lake View Rooms, Suite Rooms. Tradicional cabins are built to offer an unforgettable stay in Kerala. Eerattupetta and Anchal are the two major structure of the huts.

Beautifully decorated to offer the true Kerala flavor, especially for honeymooners. Raviz Kollam offers an outstanding panoramic sight of the nearby See Ashtamudi. Whether it's an open-air swimming bath or a villa, every nook and cranny of the resort is designed to give you the feeling of being in the heart of the countryside.

First and foremost, the entire building represents tradition. Eugene Pandala, the renowned designer, created the interiors of this building. Throughout the entire building there is a modern ambience, together with the travancore architectural style. There is every kind of luxury, from the old-fashioned hut to the swimming pools.

All the different wing of the resort will have a different look, from contemporary conveniences to the tradition. Ayurveda is the place for Ayurveda, the Raviz Kollam Health & Ayurveda Spas are on the roof of the Raviz Kollam Roof which offers outstanding Ayurveda treatments and embassies.

Five different types of food are available in the hotels. In addition to a magnificent panoramic views of the park, the local fisherman' s café offers excellent food and cuisine. Pergola is renowned for its seafood and Raanthal is a swimming Keralan cuisine cafe.

Zirkon is a luxurious lounging area that provides the exquisite diversity of spirits and alcohol. After all, the Portico Cafe is renowned for its coffees. Raviz Village and Spas was opened by Badshah Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and another Malayalam actress Mohan Lal.

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