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Cuisine of a different kind in a beautiful setting with majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. Did you ever wonder how far the tentacles of our modern plastics society have spread? We' re a small family business that loves to offer its customers a great travel experience while they visit Rapa Nui.

STR haplotyping information specific to the Y-chromosome over the Rapanui populations (Easter Island). - The pubMed

Situated in the Southern Pacific, Rapanui is one of the most remote populated island in the worid. The original Rapanui populations originate from mainland Polynesia, although the existence of alien or alien genetics in the present populations due to mixing with Europeans and/or Southern Americans over the last two hundred years must also be taken into account.

In order to assess the Rapanui population's genetical affinity with neighbouring communities, we analysed seven Y chromosomal micosatellite poly-morphisms recently indicated as useful for the investigation of community structures and recentdemographics. Philogenetic analyses of Rapanui Y chromosomal chaplotypes revealed two different types of Clusters. Most of the large haplotype concentrations are characterised by the common allele DYS19*16, DYS390*20 and DYS393*14 in Western Samoa.

In the second one, the DYS19*14, DYS390*24 and DYS393*13 are present, which are relatively high in Europe and Europe-derived population, but rare or non-existent in the indigenous Pacific population. Additionally to the two cluster is a males of the group Q*, which indicates the Indian descent.

Rapanui's present masculine population's genetics are most likely a result of some contributions of genetics from Europe and Latin America in mating with native Polynesia females. But Rapanui's analyses of relations with other Pacific and Asiatic communities show that the people of Rapanui have seen extremely drifting and founding incidents, as in Western Samoa and Samoa.

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