The North Island

North Island

New Zealand's North Island offers a variety of sights and opportunities: Have a look at the highlights as well as some unbelievable, off the beaten track. During a semester abroad on the North Island of New Zealand! New Zealand's North Island, from the Bay of Islands in the north to Wellington at the southern tip, offers amazing fly fishing, golf and wine experiences. North Island Main Trunk Railway enabled land transport and the development of New Zealand's hinterland.


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Top 10 Geographical Clues to New Zealand's North Island

On the east coastline of the North Island there are beautiful sandy coves. Shielded from the west by mountains, you will find most sandy and sunny and sandy beachlets. Some of the best sandy areas are located in the north of the island, from Northland to the East Cape.

Most of the beach on the western shore is very different from the eastern shore, but also interesting. All of the coastline is rough and savage, subject to the predominant western winds coming from Australia. Most of the beach also has dark sands, which can be extremly warm in summertime.

For those who like windsurfing and wave riding, the western shore is the place to be. The best are Ninety Mile Beach in the far north and the Auckland area. The protected sandy beach and many off-shore islets make the eastern shore of North Island a beautiful place to visit by canoe.

Some of the best places for yachting and boat trips are the Bay of Islands in Northland and the Hauraki Golf near Auckland. Both Auckland and Wellington are cosmopolitan towns and have a wide range of shopping facilities. As a third of New Zealand's entire inhabitants live in Auckland, the town can be expected to provide world-class nightlife.

Also Auckland has New Zealand's biggest gambling house and the highest Sky Tower, right in the centre of the town. North Island was initially clouded by woods. In the areas north of Auckland there are still many good samples. Situated along the entire North Island coastline, the beach of Phutukawa offers welcome shadows in summertime.

New Zealand's indigenous Maori are much more obvious on the North Island than on the South Island. Discover their intriguing cultural and historical heritage in Waitangi in the Bay of Islands (where the initial Maori-European contract was initialled in 1840) and Rotorua on the North Island.

Situated directly on an energetic part of the Earth's lithosphere, the centre of the North Island is a wondrous place of vulcanic activities. Explore the Rotorua Geysirs and Spa, the Great Volcano Lakes, the Taupo Sea or the volcanos on White Island and in Tongariro National Park.

Auckland, Auckland and the Wairarapa north of Wellington are world-class wine producers in several parts of the North Island. Gisborne is known for Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer whites, while Hawkes Bay is home to some of the finest red wine from this area.

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