The Island of Tahiti

Tahiti Island

Upon arrival you will stay one night in Tahiti's Royal Tahitia. Tahitian Islands - Hugged by Mana Situated in the South Pacific, the Tahiti Isles are 7.5 flight hour from Los Angeles and 5 flight hour from Honolulu. Nestled in unspoilt, crystalline water, the 118 archipelago of 118 beautiful and unspoiled islets, offering genuine island civilization and a uniquely French-Polynesian flair. Tahiti's island is famous for its sandy beach, breathtaking sandy dunes and scenery that range from majestic reef tops to majestic volcanoes.

The major isles have a wide range of accommodations, from luxury resort residences with surface mansions to boarding houses, as well as chartered or cruised ocean-sail. In Tahiti's archipelago, personal freedom is a matter of course and provides the visitor with the opportunity to unwind and re-connect. Tahitian Islanders bring back to life unforgettable moments that can't be found anywhere else in the game.

The Tahitians have called this "mana" for hundreds of years. From the very minute you get there, you will see why we say our island is hugged by Mana. Deluxe - Stay at least one overnight in a surface stateroom in Bora Bora. Cultures - Experience the genuine Polyynesian civilization and get to know Mana.

Tahiti Island Searcher - The Tahiti Island has top sail sites with breathtaking scenery and superb sailability. It is a delight to sail between the isles. Enjoy a relaxing, peaceful, unspoilt beach and Tahiti tradition of welcoming guests in paradise.

Whale spotting - Every year from July to November, Rurutu, on the Australian Isles, becomes a world-class whale spotting area. Adventurous - 118 isles await exploration, with archeological remnants, luxuriant flora, brooks and creeks. There is treasure inside the islets. Cultur seekers - Find a deep bond with the isles and hug the mana, Thai civilization is inviting you to search for the vitality and mind that connect all beings on the planet.

The Tahiti Tourisme celebrates 50 years of surface balo. In 1967 the first surface water Balows were constructed by the famous "Bali Hai Boys" on the Moorea and Raiatea isles. Though Tahitian islets have been Republican all over the globe, they remain the final destinations for a luxury surface-holiday.

A number of resort locations, such as Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora and Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort, offer packages to mark their 50 years. Taputapuatea marae was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Krakow, Poland on Sunday, 9 July. A large, long-term plan was realized with the formal designation of the Taputapuatea marae (sacred site) on the island of Raiatea as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is an important name and a great source of great boast for the Polynese population. Taputapuatea marae's World Heritage Award will help attract to Raiatea those who are looking for heritage and a wealth of outreach. It is an old holy place where ceremonials were held before the advent of Europe's Missionary Fathers and where Polynesians ordered several hundred rocks that they thought held mana, a fountain of force and strength.

The Haumana River Haumana Cruises was re-launched in June 2017. In Tahiti, Haumana means "spirit of peace". Haumana offers low seasons from 1,500 euros per passenger in the Ninamu cabins (double occupancy) especially for July and August holidays as part of the re-launch. Haumana also offers a 10% discount on these honeymoon and anniversary fares, which can be cumulated with the special introduction package.

This revitalized, private Haumana ship has 12 staterooms, one of which is a suites, with a max. passenger seating for 27 (including children). Experience a three-day, three-day luxury tour to Bora Bora, Tahaa and Raiatea and vice versa, focusing on the experience of unique Polish tradition, traditional handicrafts such as weave and visit custard plants and bead-farming.

Also, a personal menu on the shore and a Polish land-based show are part of the evening special. There is also a panorama lounges and an extensive outside decks, a boat landing stage for yachting enthusiasts (e.g. canoeing, snorkelling, canoeing, etc.) and a sunbathing area. Polish Tatau - OctoberOfficial Tahitian Islands Festival of Tattoos, which unites domestic and foreign professionals.

Every year in Tahiti, for a few short months, groups of songs and dances from all over Polynesia come to the Heiva International Weekly Folklore Festivals. During the 12 months before the event, many of these groups practiced several periods a week. Heiva I Tahiti has also been a shop window for classic sport and game.

You can also admire handicrafts made by craftsmen from the 5 archipelagoes of the islands of Tahiti. Heiva I Tahiti is more than a mere celebration, it has become a symbolic expression of Polish civilization and an icons of a nation that is proud of its heritages. Professionals of the surfing industry measure themselves on a watercourse with flawless surfing in the renowned Hava'e to Teahupo'o mountain range.

To have an ideas is the best way to take part in this great surfing event of the seventh leg of the trip, while you enjoy the rugged landscape of Tahiti Iti (or Little Tahiti) with its rooted hills on the sands. More than 100 jibs will travel from Huahine to Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora.

This mythic appearance of the event at Matira Point in Bora Bora is surreal and definitely a unique one. One or two flights a day from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Faa'a International Airport (PPT). 550-1-1-90045, 5901-W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, 5901-W Century Blvd, suite 1120,

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