The Island of Samoa

Samoa Island

The Samoa Pattern c1722 - Jacob Roggeveen is the first Samoa explorer in Europe. It was 1830 - The London Missionary Society arrived in Samoa. In 1899 - Germany annexed West Samoa (now the Independent State of Samoa, or only Samoa), the USA took over East Samoa (American Samoa) and Britain withdrew its right to the island under the agreement between Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

TRANSFERENCE: 1914 - New Zealand occupied Western Samoa during World War One, and administered it after the conflict under a UN mandated post-WWW. Born in 1939-45 - US forces deployed in Western Samoa during the Second World War but there is no fighting on the isles.

Born in 1962 - West Samoa becomes the first Pacific island country to become self-sufficient. The electorate barely agrees with the general electoral law and increases the legislative period from three to five years; 10,000 persons are made without shelter by Cyclone Ofa. Pescadillo, 1997 - West Samoa changes its name to Samoa, leading to tensions with American Samoa.

March 2001 - Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailelele Malielegaoi is re-elected for a second mandate after his Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) won a slim margin in a close vote. June 2002 - New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark makes a formal apology to Samoa for the bad way Samoan people were treated in the Samoan war.

February 2004 - Australia says there will be Samoa 7 million dollars to educate its safety-force. April 2006 - Prime Minister Tuila'epa's governing HRPP won the general election. March 2007 - The Mau Sitiseni right-wing group is preparing to wage its struggle for most Samoan tribes to give New Zealand nationality to the UN.

So Samoa becomes a nation. December 2008 - Eleven independents make up the Tautua Samoa party (TSP). September 2009 - Samoa changes over to left-hand traffic and is thus the first state since the 70s to have changed the side of the roads on which automobiles are used.

Tsunami strikes in the Pacific Ocean, killing more than 200 Samoa citizens and also affecting Samoa and Tonga. March 2011 - The ruling human rights protection party has won a landslide win in the general election. December 2011 - Samoa "skips" one end-of-year date, goes ahead from 29 to 31 December and jumps west across the Border to reconcile it with its major trading partner Australia and New Zealand.

May 2012 - Samoa accedes to the World Trade Organization. March 2016 - Prime Minister Tuila'epa's governing HRPP won the general election with an elevated vote and occupies up to two offices in the 49-strong Fono.

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