The Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Nevertheless, the island is still today called the "Forbidden Island". You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Forbidden Island. Accompany a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this dangerous paradise. A story of a princess in an unusual kingdom. Due to their potential to do catastrophic damage when they fell into enemy hands, the Archaeans kept the treasures secretly hidden on the Forbidden Isle.

Four of the most forbidden places in the whole wide globe.

Nowadays, a pass and some money are all you really need to see the huge miracles that make up the whole wide underworld. Be it Australia, China, the rainforests of Costa Rica or even North Korea (although we wouldn't advise it), the planet is more open today than ever before in the story.

Whilst a pass can take you to and from most places, there are some places around the whole wide web that are practically taboo. A recent quora tree lists all prohibited places around the planet.

Whilst some places on the lists are taboo for certain groups of persons for worship purposes, others are taboo for all persons for security purposes. Situated off the Brazilian coastline, Snake Island (officially known as Ilha da Queimada Grande) is remote. First, the island is home to the extinct mine otters.

Therefore, the officers want to make sure that the mine otter populations can flourish there. Secondly, because the pits otters are incredibly poisonous, Brazil has banned the island from the general population in order to protect it itself. As if that wasn't frightening enough: accounts show that the entire snake populations on the island are so densely populated that there are between 1 and 5 queues per sqm.

Today only scientists may enter the island, who must obtain an exemption from the Brasilian Navy. And, since the miner's otters look like this, we can't even think that many folks would want to be there. Situated in northern Greece, Mount Athos has been populated for hundreds of years.

It is explicitly forbidden for a woman to come to the island to facilitate the monks' stay in celibacy. Men who want to enter the area will probably be turned away, as only those with temporary permission are permitted to enter.

The North Sentinel Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal, and while a resident community lives there, no one is permitted to come from outside the island. Today the island is invaded by the Sentinelese, an Indian nation that "remains practically unaffected by contemporary civilization" and - sometimes by force - resists outcasts.

North Sentinel Island is thought to have between 50 and 400 population. The Sentinelese, known as the Sentinelese, are perhaps the most insulated humans in the whole wide globe and are considered to be Frontolithic - verbatim, technological in the Stone Age. The Sentinelese have been for hundreds, if not thousands of years, without contacts to outside parties - not least because the Sentinelese are not friendly to tourists.

Consequently, India - which manages the island - has forbidden anyone to visit. To find all the forbidden places in the whole wide globe, make sure you click on the links below.

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