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Josephs visit to Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands visits attractions that both educate and entertain visitors. Celebrate BOTH Christmas & New Year on the white sandy beaches of the Cook Islands! Official languages are the Cook Islands M?ori and English.

Scuba dive in the Cook Islands

In the north-east of New Zealand in the South Pacific are the picturesque and lovely Cook Islands. Comprising fifteen islands, which are covered by sea corals and volcanoes, they cover an area of 849,425 sq. km (2,200,000 sq. km) but have a landmass of only 91 sq. km (240 sq. km).

Cook Islands has 14,974 inhabitants, more than 10,000 of whom live on the principal Rarotonga isle. Most of the Cook Islands' inhabitants are M?ori Cook Islands is an archipelagic state in free associations with New Zealand. The Polynesians inhabited these islands in the sixth c..

Like most islands in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands were inhabited by Europeans in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. It was the British, however, namely a sailor called Captain James Cook's arrive in the eighteenth centuary, who finally led to the present name of the islands.

Surrounded by sandy beach, Rarotonga is the touristic centre of the Cook Islands. Beside Rarotonga there are other touristic islands like Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Pukapuka and Manihiki. There are many islands with beautiful caverns. Indulge in a little night life in barefooted pubs or the old Polynian Cook Island civilization.

Volunteering in the Cook Islands - Help the children of the South Pacific thrive

Volunteering in the Cook Islands helps youngsters with educational, healthcare and welfare work. As Rarotonga is a small islet - only 26 leagues away - you will quickly become familiar with the locals in one of the most wonderful places on earth! Read a default volunteering timetable here.

You can deduct your programme fee from taxes if you adhere to our travel plan. Choose the programme option below to see the next volunteering events in the Cook Islands. Choose a programme date to keep your seat on a winning $350 match. If necessary, call a co-ordinator at (800) 487-1074.

Spouses James Puati and Debi Futter lead their services in the Cook Islands. Based in the Cook Islands and New Zealand, James and Debbie are sharing their lifelong passion and insular wisdom with every voluntary. Previously, Debi worked for both the Cook Islands Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

Ms. B. is a professor of general medicine and physiotherapy at the University of Waikato and is currently doing her Ph. D. on adolescent sex. They are worshipped by their volunteers: This service programme starts the first planned weeks with supper and teamwork. Schedule to be at the programme launch before 9am (Sunday).

When you participate in a one or two-week programme, you can leave at any time on the last Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can leave for the three-week services on Friday at any time. You and your team mates will be picked up by our country manager who will take you 10 mile to yourtel.

When you want to stay in the countryside before the start of the KiiKii Services Programme, you can arrange to see your crew at the KiiKii Hotel or the International Airports. Protecting your well being and your wellbeing is our topmost concern. The head of your unit is instructed in CPR and First Aids. Click here to learn more about our products.

Astonishingly, in this relaxed mindset, car crashes are one of the most frequent dangers on this small isle. You will be advised by your supervisor on how to ensure your security when you walk on the streets, cross the streets or drive in a car. The Dengue and Chikungunya fevers, transmitted by mosquitos, are sometimes present on the isle.

It is highly recommended that you seek advice from your own doctor, a government healthcare facility and/or a hospital for details on your medical condition and preventive action. You may also be advised to take out medical coverage outside your home jurisdiction and to take out holiday resignation cover in the case you need to withdraw from the SLA.

They offer elementary courses and organise lectures and presentations (such as garlands of flowers or'ei' (lei), the arts of coconuts, archipelago protection and the like). The most sensuous dance in the South Pacific, each of the islands has its own song and dance to tell a story.

The kids of Cook Iceland already at a young age are practicing and learning to dance and appear at various shows throughout the year. As one of the best Polynesians the Cook Islanders are often awarded prizes internationally. Whilst our non-profit standing prevents us from planing your leisure pursuits, our employees on site offer a full range of options for exploring the Isle.

The majority of our voluntary workers hike on the lovely beach at any time of every morning, cycle on side streets, swim in the clear waters of the clear waters of the lagoon and engage in other aquatic activities such as snorkelling, canoeing, yachting or wind surfing. One of the highlights is a week-end excursion to the outskirts of Aitutaki, known as the most beautyful South Pacific isle.

Working as a South Pacific Ambassador can be the culmination of your whole social time! Childrens aged 8 to 18 can minister together with their parent or legal guardians in class rooms and small groups of chidren and youth. The volunteers co-ordinator will work with you to find the perfect programme and partnership to achieve your voluntary outcomes.

As an example, pre-teens can often teach kids of the same old and practise learning Englishs through storytelling, songtelling, games, sketches, arts and more. The kids at Cook Island are alert and accept people of all ages-and like children around the world-love talking about boyfriends, films and the world of work.

Welcome our partner students to their schoolrooms! Choose the programme date during the holidays. We expect our parent or guardian to oversee their children's volunteer and work with our project leaders and our community partner to maximise the quality of each. The young people are encouraged to bring their own perspective to collective sessions and take part in leisure pursuits.

They will also make lifelong acquaintances on one of the most exciting and scenic islands in the South Pacific! Due to the large number of collaborative ventures, each member of your group can put their own individual abilities and interests fully at the disposal of the group. Get to know each other in a non-traditional way as an unbroken volunteering group and know that your one-of-a-kind contribution to real developement brings forward the future of those you work for.

Participation in dances and concerts, Maori lessons, Maori traditions and experiences with your guests will take you beyond the traditional itinerary. There is nothing that can substitute the shared volunteer and cultural experiences of the South Pacific.

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