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The Boatshed, Waiheke Island, New Zealand Hotel Review on Telegraph Travel. I live in the boathouse, a luxurious excursion on Auckland's Waiheke Island. Boatshed is a five-star boutique hotel overlooking the sun-drenched bay and white sandy beaches of Oneroa on Waiheke Island. Boathouse, Waiheke Island Picture: The Boatshed has been pimped up by our bona fide expert and has a lot to say about it.

Boathouse, Waiheke Island

My Holiday' The small luxurious Waiheke Island resort is just five short steps from the sand beaches of Little Oneroa. The full-time meal for our guest is a great opportunity to enjoy the nice designs, architectural and artistic features of the resort and the magnificent view of the sea and cove.

5 minute walk to the Oneroa shops and market - 3 minute walk to the sea. Detached bungalow just a walk from the central bungalow, with the same fascinating interior and exterior designs and plenty of lounge area. Dinners should be reserved in advanced and there are many privately owned eating areas on the plot and choices for light weight panels if desired.

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Situated on the lovely Waiheke Islands, the boathouse is only 35 min by boat from Auckland and provides luxurious lodging and good dining in a relaxing insular area. Influenced by the early 1900 boathouses that sprinkle up and down the coasts of New Zealand, the inside of the estate elegantly mirrors a marine motif and provides a panorama view of the sea from every guesthouse.

Rooms are light and shiny, with an affection for detail and selected works of artwork that create a charming, unpretentious framework. Concealed on the opposite side of the plot, the Bridge Suite guarantees absolute intimacy, and the imposing three-storey lighthouse is a singular hiding place located at the top of the house and offers an imposing panoramic view.

Each guest is equipped with full bathing facilities, or in bad weathers, they can roll up in front of the fire or listen to books, DVD's or a good books from the bookshop. Situated only five mins from the boat station, a few mins from the sea and a short walk from the town.

If you want to go further away, the estate has its own Mini Moke'TOGS' fishing boat, which is a great and entertaining way to discover some of the picturesque streets of the isle.

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