The best things to do in Oahu Hawaii

Best Activities in Oahu Hawaii

Number one on Oahu in this Hawaii travel guide or any other Hawaii travel guide is Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Explore our top attractions and find out what you can do in Oahu! There are a number of programs for groups, excursions, summer camps and more. Join sharks for a swim in Oahu, Hawaii, with the protection of a cage! Probably the coolest day trip from Honolulu.


The best activities in Oahu, Hawaii

A glamortuous task I ever had as a travelling author was to go to Hawaii to meet the journalist Marie Helvin for a cover of the Daily Telegraph's travelling section. I' ve only been there a few nights, but I dreamed of Hawaii and planned my next journey.

At the age of four, Marie Helvin left Tokyo for Hawaii and raised on the Isle of Oahu, where she was living until the beginning of her modeling work. She was a universe with innumerable Vogue cover art, intimate friends with Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger and a 10-year matrimony with the filmmaker David Bailey.

She' now living in London, but flees back to Hawaii whenever she can. Driving around the islands, we visited all their favorite places, from the luxuriant inland canyons to the amazing sandy beach and the best surf spot on the shore. And I was fascinated by Marie's tales of raising her in Hawaii.

Awakened to the murmur of the ocean and went barefooted to class, with a bulging T-shirt over her swimsuit, so she could go directly to the beaches for body-surfing after work. Here is a summary of the best things you can do on Oahu for a truly Hawaiian adventure.

Throughout Hawaii is the home of the surf. Once reserved for Hawaii' kingship, it is often referred to as the "sport of kings". Oahu is home to some of the best surfing locations in the whole wide globe and hosts many of the best surf contests in the game.

The Oahu is a great place to practice windsurfing and you can get the basic skills in a windsurfing group. Long boards are used to facilitate learning the technique. Waikiki Beach's soft swells are a great place to practice the game. Oahu's best way to enjoy the most beautiful panorama vistas and luxuriant mountains is by walking and there are footpaths all over the isle.

The trek to the Makapu'u Point beacon in the southeast of the islands is awarded with stunning vistas and the opportunity to see moguls from December to May.

The best view of the south shore is from the 1,000 stairs on the Koko Head stairs. It' ll take about an hours, but you'll see amazing mountains overviews. There are 112 leagues of coast and some of the most stunning shores you will ever see. WAIKIKIKI is one of the most loved beach in the whole wide globe, with more than four million people visiting every year.

However, you can find calmer, more remote shores that are only a relatively brief car ride away. The Lanikai Bay is one of the best places in the whole wide web. Laniakea is another beautiful north coast area. It is known as Turtle Strand because sea turtles come to the sea to feed on the seaweed on the rocks.

All of the famed surfing spots are on the north coast and in the southwest of the islands wonderful Ko'Olina Lagunas - protected sandy beach with unbelievable amounts of pure whiteness. Horseback rides are very much appreciated in Hawaii. Maui and Big Iceland have so many cities with a lot of catboys that there are attachment points for their cows.

As a child, Marie Helvin tells me that they like to go horseback-riding as much as they did swim and, like most Hawaiians, learn to horseback rides barefooted. This lovely area was used to shoot the Jurassic Park, the Hunger Games and the TV show called Los. One of the best ways to see the breathtaking landscape of the archipelago is to drive here.

Luau is an authentically Hwaiian party, with a banquet, storytelling, playing and folkdance. A visit to a Luau is the ideal way to get to know Hawaii' and Polynesia' cultures through concerts of Hawaii's finest musicians and heroes. Among the most authentically places to see a Luau is the North Bank Cultural Centre of Polynesia, where the night usually ends with a Samoan dance with a fire-brigade.

Renting a vehicle is a great way to explore the diverse landscape of Oahu. They can circumnavigate the entire archipelago in two inches. Only half an hr from Honolulu you will find wonderful scenery and lonely sands. Travel to North Shore, the surf capitol of the word, where you can see Big Windsurfing in places like Waimea Bay from November to February.

In surf cities like Haleiwa you can collect goodies from the prawn truck, followed by shaven icecream for desserts. Not all the glamor on this Hawaiian journey.

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