Surgical suture of the divided ends of a tendon. Medical definition of tenorrhaphy. Noun[edit]. tenorrhaphy (countable and uncountable, several tenorrhaphies). Tenorrhaphy definition: the union of torn or divided tendons through sutures | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Tenorrhaphy's origin. Teno- + Classical Greek rrhaphy, a suture of Rhaph? The Massachusetts General Hospital flexor tenorrhaphy is described here.


Seam of a chord. Seam of the split ends of a chord (te-n?r'?-f?). suturing of a chord. This is a method for repairing tearing wounds to the sinews, especially the GIstring. This is a repeated throwing of sewing materials through the string and the mounting point.

The benefits are a better closing of the gap with minimum tendon end distortions and a disturbance of circulation.


Surgery combining split sinews with stitches. Testimonials in the journal archives? in the case of the calf of the B├╝ffel calf led to the avoidance of peritendinal adhesions[22]. and early protective activity. This is a modification of the operation procedure and analysis of a skull half model of the surface of the calf area: the calf area: the calf's skull: the skull: the superficial area: the calf's calf's digital flexion tendon: Intraclinical and faciagraphic trials, Indian J Anim Sci, 67:100-02 (1997). was carried out using three roll stitching techniques using Vicryl No. (Fig. 2).

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Tenor Rhaphy Definitions and Meanings | Collins English Dictionary

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