The Tene Investment Fund is an Israeli private equity fund focused on export-oriented Israeli industries. Tène - La Tène Culture - Teneh Omarim - Tene, Mali - Disambiguation Icon. The Chalet La Tene is one of the most popular luxury chalets in Val D'Isere. Located in Tene in the Asturian region, El Quintanal has a garden. La Tene Chalet, Val d'Isere picture:

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The TENE Investment Funds - HOME

The Tene Investmentfunds is an Israel based PEF focused on emerging businesses with leadership roles in the world' s markets. We have a well-regarded and experienced staff with a proven track record of investing and operating and an unrivalled track record in the world of finance in Israel. The Tene Investmentfunds manage ~$1 billion in four mutual assets through actively invested in Israel's growing industry.

There are more than 5,100 enterprises in this industry, which produce over 45% of Israel's manufactured products. Our goal is to create significant added value for our clients with our tried-and-tested, practical commitment to establish themselves as well as to create value for them.

The TENE Investment Funds - TEAM

Tene's professional staff is held in high esteem in the industrial and finance world. We have an expert and coherent management teams with a wide range of capabilities and knowledge necessary to generate crucial synergies in a collaboration setting. Our capacity to accelerate our business has been demonstrated by our proactive approach to the management of our businesses, which often pursue both acquisitions and acquisitions.

Our investments are designed to prepare our businesses for profitable exit at the right moment by empowering our managers, optimising our finance structures and identification of significant successes and mileposts.

The Tène

adj. a later Iron Age Celtan civilisation from the fifth to first centuries B.C., affected by contacts with Mediterranean civilisations and thriving in almost all of Europe to the northern Alps up to the conquest of Rome. adj. 1st B.C. a.d. n. 2. a flat area at the end of Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Belongs to an Iron Age European CELtic civilization from the fifth to the first centuries B.C., known for a characteristic curved decorative styling used in artefacts.

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