The tench (Tinca tinca) is probably the most beautiful of the coarse fish species and has an olive green colouring with a deep tail and rounded fins. The tench can be found in the wilderness in calm or slowly flowing waters with a rich flora. The golden tench is an elevated fish form, which comes from the original tench from Europe. Newest tweets by Jonathan Tench (@jonnytench). Dr.

Colin Tench works as a rheumatologist and general practitioner at St. Mary's Hospital.

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The tench (Tinca tinca) is probably the most beautiful of the rough types of catfish and has an olivgreen colouring with a low tale and round-fin. Learn more about this catfish and how to get it. The tench is easy to recognize by its olivreen coloration and its small little reds.

As an exception, they are grown in dams like Wilstone near the town of Thing to over 10 pounds, but in one channel a 5 pound heavy species is known. The early morning and evening are the best times to capture the tench in a fodder intoxication. While tench is known to be trapped on corn kernels, good bait is grubs, throwers and worm bait.

Your equipment selection depends on the waters you go to. If the tench is not up to the task, the tench will probably crack the line. There is no great disruption to the tench from boating activity.

Therefore, they are much more frequent on easily navigated channels with clear running tide and a lot of weeds. Slough Arm, Wyrley & Essington, Rushall, Ashby and Walsall are very good places for angling. There are also outstanding towed waterways in the Trin Dam Group and the Clattercote Dam.

Gold tench, the teichdoctorfish. Right or wrong?

The gold tench is an elevated shape of fishbone, which comes from the European one. He is also called a surgeon fishy, because he allegedly makes sure that different fishies do not get sick. Tench membranes should contain an antimicrobial agent that protects other beef.

This is of course an invention, but this kind of fishing keeps the pool waters clean and really helps other people. A gold tench can be recognised by its bright yellow color, often with black stains. Combination of gold tench in a lake with Nishikigoi carp, because a gold tench eats the excrement of Nishikigoi carp.

The tench of the golden tench is a powerful fishing rod that does not get sick lightly. Your pool should be at least 28 inches deep and should contain as many ponds as possible. They can be kept together with all other types of lakefishes. Put the tench in a small group of at least five and no more than five per m³.

There is a gold tench on the ground. In fact, you may not see a gold tench for many years. Gold tench loves good balance and easy digestibility.

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