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Microsoft Certified IT Services an. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Juniper Networks, Inc. is an American multinational company that develops and markets networking products. Products include routers, switches, network management software, network security products and software-defined network technology.

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We at Barefoot believe that the net should be quick and fully programmed. We believe that networking should be as simple as it is to configure a webpage. Among the parties are Alibaba Group, Baidu and Tencent Holding, which will use open code aircraft technology based open code aircraft switching (P4) technology from Tencent Holding.

There were no published pecuniary conditions of the transactions.

In order to allow the use of multiple clouds and transformations, the ecosystem needs to move from a fixed and hardware-bound to a more agile, software-driven world. In order to decrease complexities and increase business agility, IT organisations need a simplified and more fully-focused approach to accelerate implementation and scalability for better management of infrastructures and apps.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric is based on next-generation SDN technology and enables companies to accelerate their transformation to a fully software-defined business with a simplified, uninterrupted and more open architect.


Get rid of expensive, complicated and fragile networking. Welcome to the Dispersive? UN. Dispersively revise tried-and-tested protocol to provide a fully sophisticated, fully patent-pending meeting layer networking solution. It is an integrated solution that blends real-time power control, dynamically adapting to networking and unparalleled data-in-motion-safety. It is the Dispersive Virtualized Net.

Continuously tracks more than a dozen networking settings to control the best possible mix of route at any given moment.

VN-Software can be deployed as required (on blank metals or as VMs, container or VNFs). Enables rapid deployment, configuration and scaling of the market. Isolates networking activities from the basic physics networks. Creates an overlays net on each individual transportation level. Free your ISP and corporate clients from the need for propriety commodity merchandising products, inheritance VPNs as well as hub-and-spokeectures.

Prizewinning protection prevents man-in-the-middle and denial-of-service threats without compromising networking efficiency. Implement encrypting at the pathname and other defence technologies to make communications more secured than any VPN. Expands the power and safety capabilities to devices, users or applications so that the SSP can quickly deploy sophisticated sophistication. Are you up for newly invented networking?

And who profits from Dispersive? UN? That' s why ISPs use Dispersive VN to provide companies with any-to-any connection. Every net. Every digitial services. Are you up for newly invented networking?

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