Te Waipounamu

Waipounamu Te

The name for South Island | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Tahu used to hunt and gather animals and plants in the length and breadth of Te Waipounamu. The history of Te Hui Amorangi o Te Waipounamu. We are the Wh?nau Ora Commissioning Agency for Te Waipounamu / the South Island of New Zealand.

The Waipounamu and Mahinga Kai.

The Waipounamu definitions and significance

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None better than Te Waipounamu

I was disappointed to learn that 81 percent of respondents to Fairfax's on-line poll were against the concept of a name shift for Southern Island. It is well known and already exchangeable with the other informal name - isle.

There are several other Maori traditions that can be used for Te Waipounamu and most of them relate to old kayaks that were part of Aoraki, Maui or Tama. However, Te Waipounamu is the most used and is a straight indication that this isle is the spring of the esteemed cobblestone.

This is not even the name of the archipelago, which was once known as the Central Isle and for several years was also known as New Munster. Maybe it is a stomach response against the Maori Nomenklatur on the rise to the seeming demise of the western place name. I' d be very astonished if many mainlanders could tell the tale of how the South Isle became the name of their Isle.

There' s no better name for this isle than Te Waipounamu. Like it or not, many Maori inheritance issues are already deeply rooted in the Kiwi world. Why not hug Te Waipounamu? I have been drawn to Darroch several on several occasions over the last 15 years and he has certainly shown a genuine love for the concept of a name shift back to the Maori initials for both the North and South Islands.

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