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Locate the best holiday homes in Taveuni Island: Have a look at our list of Fiji holiday accommodations today. Create your own Taveuni holiday. The Taveuni apartments include affordable and luxurious houses for your holiday in Taveuni. The best offers for holiday apartments in Taveuni.

18 apartments in Taveuni Island, Fiji

Travelers to Taveuni Island now book the August itineraries. Get your apartment today and have the best journey. It had a nice panoramic views and beach entrance. Love the master suite with all the windows. Situated in the middle of luxuriant exotic garden in the centre of Matei - Taveuni's most picturesque area, this 2 bed room beachfront home is beautifully situated.

Breath-taking vistas and a great position. The Lomalagi is located directly at the sea between half a hectare of tropic garden. It' s going to a nice and remote..... It' s a one-bedroom..... With a view of the Somosomo Strait on Taveuni, Fiji, Ucuilagi is located, a wonderfully presented building with 180 degrees uninterrupted sea view, which is probably not questioned by any other estate on the isle.

For 8 overnight stays in Taveuni we spent 4 in her villa (Vacala Bay Resort) and 4 overnight stays on her yacht'Looping'. The Vacala Bay Resort is Fiji's newest privately owned villa. We' ve got a view to dying, a villa like no other in Fiji and the best sandy beaches in Taveuni.

Situated on its own half a hectare, the Grander is a huge..... This villa is ideal for an ultra-romantic vacation. There is a solid seaview. On May 19, 2018 Bob and I got remarried and we agreed to stay our honeymoon in the lovely Raiwasa Privatresort for 10-night.

The best vacation ever. The Raiwasa is an astonishing place, so nice, with a breathtaking views, magnificent home, gorgeous pool area. The Raiwasa Grand Mansion is undoubtedly not only the most luxury mansion in Taveuni Fiji, but also one of the most exquisite hideways in the whole wide globe. Situated in the middle of luxuriant tropic garden in the centre of Matei - Taveuni's most picturesque area.

Breath-taking vistas and a great position. The Lomalagi is situated on the ocean's fringe on a wonderful and remote sandstrand where you can swim and snorkel well..... There is a solid seaview. We stay here a few years ago with my hosts & our stay in Kior out of this home with my dad stay in Kior for a few overnight stays & catch up with the host families that he.....

The Sere Ni Ika[House of the Fish] Sere Ni Ika means Pisces' Carol, describing this nice calm house on the shore, where you can listen to the pisces on calm and tranquil nights. Located on half a hectare on the sea front, this nice house is an ideal option.....

The Raintree Gardens holiday home is a recently refurbished home in the centre of Matei, Taveuni. The Raintree Gardens is a recently refurbished holiday home in Matei, Taveuni. It is a nice 3 bed room cottage by the water, just 20-30 paces from the sea. Situated in the centre of Matei within easy walk to all necessary facilities such as stores, small eateries etc.

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