Taveuni Palms Resort

The Taveuni Palm Resort

Taveuni Palms Resort is located directly on the beach and offers luxurious villas with private swimming pool. The Taveuni Palms Hotel is located in the middle of lush hilly gardens on the Fiji Islands and has an island panorama suitable for postcards. Fiji's Taveuni Palms Resort is a paradise of incomparable exclusivity in a cosy, barefoot and luxurious atmosphere, coupled with unparalleled hospitality. World-renowned for its exquisite accommodation and facilities, unsurpassed attention to detail and award-winning luxury and service. Taveuni Palms Resort villas offer you the ultimate luxury experience.

Toveuni Palms Resort, Matei - Update in 2018

Taveuni Palms Resort is situated directly on the beach and has luxury mansions with ensuite pools. Our clients are offered free breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as a free 1-hour massages upon arrivals. The Taveuni Palms Resort is situated on the island of Taveuni. The journey from Matei airport takes 2 minutes, the passengers get a free transfer back.

Each of the air-conditioned mansions has a terrace with a magnificent view of the ocean. Each villa has 7 individual employees, among them a management and 2 cooks. Free mealtimes includes breakfasts, lunches, 5-course dinners and soft drinks. The household is managed twice a day. There is a free snorkel and kayak on a privately owned sandy area.

The Taveuni Palm Resort

Thommy Bahamas encounters Ralph Lauren on Fiji's Taveuni We like..... Taveuni's selection of J Hunter Pearls, which can be seen on a personal tour. Fiji's Taveuni Palms Resort is a paradise of incomparable exclusiveness in a cosy, barefooted and luxurious ambience, paired with incomparable hosts. The Taveuni Palms Resort consists of only two villas: the Horizon Spa Villa with three bedrooms and the Beach Villa with two bedrooms.

They are each a self-contained semi-detached seaside retreat, comprising their own (landscaped Garden of Eden) hectare with a swimming pool, an open-air weekend showers and a privately owned, butter-soft sandside. There is a five-star catering by seven people per mansion to take good charge of all your whims, such as massage in the mansion - including a nurse for the kids if needed - and a head cook will prepare four course meals to your taste; just fill out a dedicated enquiry sheet before you arrive.

You can eat at any of the five places in or around your mansion, and there is always a member of our team available for you with telephone calls within the mansion. Select the ideal venue and celebrate your marriage with us for FREE! Allow us to organise your marriage with our free marriage package:

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