Taveuni Island Restaurants

Restaurants on Taveuni Island

The Taveuni Island offers a variety of restaurants with sea views up to bars with meat on the grill. The Taveuni is one of the most beautiful islands of Fiji, simply called the "Garden of Fiji". "There are several restaurants in Taveuni. Take a look at our guide to the best restaurants. There is a restaurant at the resort.

6 top restaurants in Taveuni Island, Fiji

There is a wonderful panoramic sight and the host families offer a good level of services. Fantastic panoramic outlooks from this wonderfully inviting and inviting place opposite the overslept Taveuni Island airpor. There is also a wide selection of sweets to indulge in at the B├Ąckerei in Matei. I prefer to eat roasted thuna and coconuts, we come to Taveuni every year and the bread shop gets better with every sojourn.

Salty Fox is the target hotel and the Taveuni Dive Resort pub. Featuring great cuisine, great scenery and great outdoor eating, the Salty Fox is a must when visiting Taveuni. You are offering 4 or 5 veggie meals at a sensible rate. It is a very holiday-friendly place.

Have a cozy breakfast, wood-fired pizza, a variety of lunch and tasty dinner - all at the Kai Time Restaurant and bar. Use the freshest locally grown shellfish and the best quality ingredients from the many smallholders on Taveuni Island to prepare our lavish dishes.

Twice in quay time in December we had lunch while we visited the whole hosts on Taveuni. There is a very good management of the hotel, restaurants and bars. In our view, Kai Time should be the best place to eat on Taveuni and is definitely deserving a stop.

The Kai Time is on the same plot as Aroha Taveuni, which offers great shelter.

Fiji, Taveuni Island Restaurants

Located on the beach overlooking the island, the Vale-Ni-Kana Dining Room serves delicious food, delicious seafood, import meat, freshly made bread, and much more in a relaxing and classy dining room. The Matangi Island Resort's comprehensive drinks menu also includes ice-cold beers, top-quality liquors, Tropic drinks and a choice of world-class wine and champagne from France.

As the name implies, Paradise Taveuni's Oceans View is perfectly situated to admire Fiji's stunning sea-view. It offers its customers a cosy open-air gastronomic experience with a varied selection of dishes that range from locally and internationally renowned dishes to the freshest and most authentic flavours.

Qamea's Restuarant is a good kitchen without any formalities and has a whole staff of skilled cooks, who together have more than 100 years of culinary expertise to offer you the South Pacific kitchen of biological fruits and veggies cultivated on the premises of the resorts, as well as Australian and New Zealand meat and game.

Accompanying your tasty food are also noble local vines from our own cellars. Enjoy the stunning sea view and exquisite food at The Deck of Tavenui Island Estate. Qualified cooks are preparing a variety of Fiji, India and Continent cuisines, made from local organically produced products and served with one of the Resorts own wineries from Australia and New Zealand.

Taveuni Palms offers the ultimative domestic and informal kitchen and does not need a hotel to offer an unforgetable dinner-event. Your own cook will prepare your favourite dishes from Fiji, India, Europe or America using the fresest indigenous produce to cater for your villa's intimacy, the romanticism of the candle light, the sophistication of the beaches and the beauties of the sea.

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