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Il Taveuni Resort Map

The Taveuni Island Resort & Spa, Fiji: reviews, pictures, map and description. Maps & Location Garden Island Resort. This is a rare opportunity to purchase this renowned and established, award-winning resort and spa. All family hotels and resorts on the island of Taveuni >. Taveuni Island, Fiji.

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The Taveuni Island Resort is a small resort for only 24 people. Situated among lush greenery, the Cliff-Top Resort has 12 luxury honeymoons and a swimming pools with views of the gleaming Somosomo Road. Every single romantically beautiful Boer has a stunning panoramic look at the South Pacific and the surrounding isles.

The island of Taveuni is only 90 flying min. away from Nadi. We have four to six daily departures so that your connections from your intercontinental journey run smoothly. Situated on a majestic rock in the midst of luxuriant tropic garden with views of the stunning water of the Somosomo Strait. The island of Taveuni is only 90 flying min. away from Nadi.

We have four to six daily departures so that your connections from your intercontinental journey run smoothly. Situated on a majestic rock in the midst of luxuriant tropic garden with views of the stunning water of the Somosomo Strait.

Toveuni Island Resort & Spa, Fiji - reviews, pictures, map

Get to know Teresa, one of our Fiji tourism specialists. A certified Tahiti Tourism Specialist, Teresa works with the Tahiti Tourism Board to provide our clients with a wonderful vacation in Tahiti. She is living on the island of Maui, Hawaii. She has been a consultant for 20 years and specializes in creating and selling tropic island holidays all over the globe, but her real passion is the South Pacific.

She has travelled the South Pacific Islands and is first name based with many of the resort owner. It has been to Fiji 7 once, Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. "We' had the best man in the world to make our journey. Your name is Teresa.

I' m a very consulting and I was up to a certain point suspicious because I had no hand in it. So maybe I was nervous a few of the time before we got to the resort. "We tried to schedule our Fiji flitter and were so puzzled and overpowered by the number and diversity of the Fiji resort.

Then we found Teresa! She' s very supportive and knows Fiji and several different resort. Teresa was able to help us make the right choice when we wanted to choose between two resort types, as she provided us with different types of each one. We' re happy to announce that we have at last made our holiday reservation!

We' re looking forward to our Honeymoon and further cooperation with Teresa. "When we first communicated, I wanted a wedding trip that would be memorable and something very unique that you certainly and more. But with all your beautiful plans and useful information, we survived our whole flit with aplomb.

Thank you again for assisting me in planning my Honeymoon and it was a great time working with you. Can' t say how simple it was to work with you when we looked at different resort and itinerary. You' ve put so much work into giving us - from budgets to activity - a general picture of what to look forward to in Fiji.

We' ve made several changes of opinion and you have been so forgiving that it has been a true joy to work with you. Knowing about the island was a great help in choosing our flitter week. If you are looking for a holiday with your relatives or your girlfriends, I will not hesistate to recommend you.

" "Blu-bul-bo Teresa! They offered my bride and I an excellent personal courtesy in the preparation of our journey (which we were unfortunately not able to make use of due to unforeseen excesses of the marriage budgets at this time). When my boyfriend Mike said he was going on his Fiji twilight, I said he had to get in touch with you to arrange a journey.

I and my family are still planing to come to Fiji within the next 2 years and I pledge that you will be the first one we will get in touch with for booking and scheduling an itinerary. "I wanted to say thank you again, this is totally astonishing, we have a lot of fun and the upgrading to the Honeymoon offices was totally surprising, we were handled surprisingly and could even go to the island with the resort's own, who was really cute.

" "Thanks for a fantastic honeymoon! "Teresa, thank you for your help in organizing your journey to Tahiti. LAX's Air Tahiti flights were less than 8 hrs and the services were unbelievable; 2 good food and great cuisine. After arriving in Papeete, Tahiti, we had the personal vehicle to the Fährterminal and then a great 30 minute drive by boat to Moorea Atoll.

In the morning we are on a 6-hour snorkelling trip to a'private island', where we snorkell with dolphins and shark..... This is one of our best tours ever (and we've been to 75 countries) " "It's been more than a weeks since we got back, but I just wanted to let you know we had a great trip in Tahiti.

Thanks for organizing our beautiful journey. Teresa, I wanted to thank you for your help on this beautiful journey. Don't think we will return to Bora Bora in the foreseeable near term, but we might need your help for some of our upcoming travels and cruise ships. "We wanted to give you an overview of our Tahiti journey.

We' ve never had such a luxurious, restful holiday in the past and it was an absolutely pleasure. Our favourite travel adventure was probably eating sharks and mantas. We' have spent the cash on the travel videotape and it was the most favourite image of every journey we've ever taken home.

We also suggest everyone who goes to Bora Bora to take the chance to dine at Bloody Marys, an excellent place to get the crisp sea food we were looking for, at a very reasonable price. But it was a great journey and the kind of rest we needed in this bustling age.

Thank you for making a great journey for us! "Teresa, Chris and I are back from our journey, and I just wanted to tell you how much we like it! It was a great island and every single one of the hotels worked well! Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalasso Spa was a spectacle!

It was so nice and the resort was exactly as I had expected! I was able to get together with my California buddies who just happen to live at St. Regis Bora Bora. There was no street that could link the two cities so we all went to Bloody Mary's for supper on the big island, and a personal watertaxic.

Because of the different locations and schedules of the ferries we could only see each other for a little more than one hours, but it was great to be there! This was a great travel experience! Thank you again for your help in organizing our holidays!

" "Hi, Teresa! Thank you again for your great support in planning this holiday! "We' ve gotten practically every kind of tour on offer out there. All our agencies make a provision from the tour operators, just like all other agencies or on-line itineraries. Would you like to have a true travelling specialist at your side.... for free?

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