Taveuni Dive Resort

Daveuni Dive Resort

Toveuni Dive Resort Rooms, Reviews, Photos & Special Prices. WiFi access is available free of charge at this resort. You can book the Taveuni Dive Resort with Expedia now and save! The Taveuni is world famous among divers for the legendary Rainbow Reef. The Taveuni Dive Resort is a sustainable full-service dive resort in Taveuni, Fiji.

What is the best way to get to Taveuni?

What is the best way to get to Taveuni? When you arrive in Nadi, you will receive a home departure ticket to Taveuni (Matei Airport) - a journey of about 60 mins. It takes about 30 min. by car from Matei International Aerodrome to the resort. What is the best season to dive at Taveuni?

Is it possible to dive the Great White Wall? It is best to dive the Great White Wall when the corals are in bloom (when the corals are lengthened to feed). For more information, see our Great White Wall Schedule and Dive Guides. Which is the mean sea temp and range of vision?

Do you have an experience in diving? All other employees are comprehensively trained and on-the-job trained under the guidance of the company's managers before they are admitted by Taveuni Dive. There is a pail of clean seawater on the dive vessel and our on-board personnel will hand over the cameras securely when you are in the sea and take them off before you board.

When I live in another resort, will you come and get me back? Yes, we can help you organize transport to our yacht harbour. Of course we suggest a visit to us for the best Resort-to-Riff-adventure! Do you have a pressurized room at Taveuni? Because of our secluded position we dive very conservative, as the next decompression room is a six-hour boating trip away from the resort.

Therefore, our dive times depend on one of three things: your computer's limit, or 50 min, whichever comes first. While we want to make sure you enjoy scuba with us, your security and the security of your dive team is our main priority.

It is recommended that all our clients take out an individual tour policy before arriving to cover all of their planned occupations. It is said that if you cannot finance tourist health cover, you cannot do it. Reiseversicherung is cheap and ensures a carefree vacation. How is a diving outing?

Diving 2 cylinders in the mornings, with the dive boat departing at 8am, unless a member of the Dive Team tells us otherwise. Around midday we go back to the harbour. Isn' t your resort dive-orientated? The Taveuni is rich in outdoor and underwater activities, and the resort's swimming pools and other amenities are available for those who need a rest and relaxation for a whole days. square 14.

What is the cloudburst and when is your resort secure? There are cyclones from November to April. This resort is designed to weather these heavy winds. Recent Category 5 cyclones, Winston, caused very little harm. There was a curved roof ventilator wing, and the garden was a little confused - but all these things were repaired and cleaned up with a little amount of work.

A few were accommodated at the resort during the cycle, with a warm early-birakfast! The Taveuni has a temperate tropic weather with two distinct periods - summers (wet) and winters (dry). In the vicinity of the resort the annual precipitation is about 1m. We recommend to change the money to Nadi before you fly to Taveuni.

The majority of Taveuni resort and dive centres are willing to pay in US dollars. There is an ATM at Taveuni in Somosomo. Please ask our resort employees for tips on how to bind and wear your sulus. Wear bikini and ultra-short swimsuits in a resort is okay, but not when you visit a village or go downtown for groceries.

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