Tavarua Island Resort

The Tavarua Island Resort

Island of Tavarua, surrounded by the Pacific. This is Fiji Airways Tavarua Island Resort #HomeAwayFromHome #WelcomeToOurHome #FlyFiji. It is the breathtaking all-inclusive Tavarua Island Resort of Fiji. All in all, Yasawa Island Resort and Spa fares significantly better than Tavarua. Book your fantastic flight to Tavarua Island Resort with Pacific Island Air.

The Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji.

The Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji. This is Tavarua Island, encircled by the Pacific Ocean. Strong ripples create the world-famous ripples like cloudbreaks that peel onto the cliffs in the immediate vicinity of this small resort. There are new regulations that have opened up the way to all Fiji's beaches, so that Tavarua visitors can take even more great rest and take full benefit of the predominant winds and heave.

Tavarua's guest live in privately owned cottages, which are a contemporary variation of the Fiji tradition. They each have a en-suite en-suite bathrooms, two double cots, a single berth, A/C, louvre window, overhead ventilators, mini-bar and a large veranda on the shore to relax, watch the sun set or enjoy the luxuriant island green.

Tavarua's bar/restaurant has an awesome panoramic views over the inner sandy beach, the inner bay and out to restaurants - one of the best surf in the game. The Happy Hour starts every morning at four o'clock and the guest tastes the appetizers at the poolside and on the decks. There are three basic dishes in the form of a snack and everything you can have, while the guest mixes at convivial common desks.

Fully-equipped with an internationally renowned selection of wine, beer, liqueurs and soft drink, our bars are the only ones on the island. Most of the surfing attempts take place from March to November. The rainy period (December-February) is ideal for the clearest, least congested outwaves. March-April-May and September-October-November glass relations with southern swell may occur.

Directly southwards of the resort is the world-famous Cloudbreak, a strong, empty left-hander with three major parts, which can combine to a crying, 200 meter long drive. Nearer are restaurants, a lefthand fracture that winds around the island. There are other ripples around the island including Tavarua Rights, Kiddie Land and swimming pools.

The Tavarua visitors can also take other great rests like Namotu Lefthand, Wilkes Pass and Desperations. There is almost always a place with this choice of windsurf break that suits the predominant winds and sea state. In addition to world-class windsurfing, Tavarua has a variety of water sports ranging from kitesurfing, sailing and standing paddle to unparalleled scuba and snorkeling.

You can use our gym equipment to relax after a full days in the sea or prepare for tomorrow's windsurfing shoot. Don't miss the resort store for Fiji surfing clothes and memorabilia! Infinite surfboard transfer is provided - our expert native guide will help you choose which are the best depending on the winds, tides and sea state.

The use of all recreational amenities and resort amenities such as water sports such as kayaking and standing canoeing.

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