Noun[edit]. tauverk n (definitely singular tauverket, not countable). Cables (). The title, Mitt skip he read with -: Barn arbeider with tauverk, Ulovlig utkasting i sjøen av kasserte fiskeredskaper und tauverkasting, Local companies in Arguineguin for tauverk. tekstiler og kanskje tauverkerk det mest sannsynlige.

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A splice a splice hole, eye, in the end on a rope, possibly a lay. For and with quick diameters it is possible to fix the device up to the stop, to fix it with a handle or to open it. A rope in one can be used for training and frieksjonslitasje.

There is no idea that the processing of metal is a plastic that is inside the device. We have the possibility that you can work in our company. Splice in a øye splice shaped differently on a double rope. The rope is split on two ropes. If you are working with the Ønsket, you can be in the middle of the pond.

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