Tau vs Pi

Dew against pi

Pi-vs. Tau (xkcd.com). Come join SciShow as we celebrate circles by exploring the many uses of twice pi.

Dew from Pi: 3.14 Why isn't the whole story

Some years ago, a young lady called Vi Hart, who called herself a "leisure mathematician", began to publish a video show on YouTube entitled "Doodling in Math Class". So if you haven't had the chance to see Vi's video yet, have a look at her video canal. Unfortunately, Vi doesn't make a lot of video on her YT since she taught at the Khan Academy, and most recently at elecr, where she does VR develop.

As Vi made her canal, one of her most favorite and contentious video was one in which she explained that Pi, the mathematic constants so loved that she has her own date of the year, was inaccurate. No, she does not mean that the idea, the constants themselves, is false, but that in reality it is rather unelegant and disconcerting to study as a kid.

Together with the mathematian Bob Palais, she proposes a new constants, Tau, to better calculate the relationship between circular perimeter and orbit. Rather than a 2 Pi arc, 1 rope is selected as the length of one revolution or the relation of the perimeter of a arc to its length instead of its size.

There' even is a website for Tau Day, which was designed to encourage the alternate constants, and there is even a Tau-Manifest. The manifest can be viewed and some more detailed video clips can be viewed to explain the Tau approach and how the use of Pi would affect various areas of the site's scientific and technical knowledge.

T Tau Day is held on June 28 (because the county constants for Tau are 6.283185.....). He tells in this tutorial with Phil Moriarty, a lecturer in the field of physical sciences at the University of Nottingham, how he first abolished the idea but has since become a devotee. Then he does a really marvelous work to explain how dew works and why he is now a champ of the notion.

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