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SU suspends Theta Tau Frat for racial video

The Syracuse University Association of Engineers was postponed after a video showed that members engaged in what the school's registrar described as "extremely racial, anti-Semitic, gay, sexual and disability hostile" were out there. Theta Tau, the school's students' paper, said Wednesday that German Federal Governor Kent Syverud had sent a campus-wide e-mail announcing the suspending of the SU capital of Theta Tau.

"Video's showing this insulting behavior turned up on-line. These are words and behaviors that are highly racial, anti-Semitic, gay, sexual and-disabled. The video allows members to see a sketch that features racial and sexual humour and the simulated sexuality.

Then a member swears an affidavit and says: "I vow to always have hate in my hearts on n**********, s****, and above all the damn k******," said the deaconess of the college of engineers, Teresa Dahlberg, "This is not one time, this is an on-going discussion. It' also about the general public, but also about the atmosphere in the college of engineering."

"Brotherhood and student culture[at the SU] can be very poisonous, whether it is racist, in terms of sexualism or physical embarrassment," she said.

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