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Consider yourself happy, it's bad, how ridiculously bad. Many years ago, when we first wrote our little press kit that we distribute to potential guests to tell them about Omega Tau, I wrote the following sentences:. Anyone ever give a career description for the Tau? It would be fun. How's the rope in the matafaga i aso nei?

Bayessche Datenanalyse, Third Edition - Andrew Gelman, John B. Carlin, Hal S. Stern, David B. Dunson, Aki Vehtari, Donald B. Rubin

In the entire text, many practical and research projects emphasise the practical application of Bayes' influence. In the case of non-graduate studies, it establishes Bayes' conclusion, which is based on the first principle. It offers a selection of Bavarian statistical methodologies for scientists. Supplementary material, which includes the datasets used in the samples, as well as select exercise solving and manuals, is available on the book's website.

The tumi and dew go to the pastel pink planet - Ingrid Keizan

The Tumi & Tau is a cheerful and inspirational tale full of good morality for kids and grown-ups. There is also focused on a series of great lifestyle lesson that is that no matter how different you are or how lost your feelings in this environment, living shows you that you are always rewarding.

An astonishing and unique kid, Tumi has a beautiful baby face, a caring mind and a way to improve the life of his fellow human beings. The Nasties from our college are harassing Tumi. Tumi is taken to the Pastel Pink Planet under the direction of his particular buddy Tau, who is a giant Leo with magic power and great cunning.


An IT specialist locks people up to practice the final artifical intelligentsia in Federico D'Alessandro's science fiction work. Federico D'Alessandros TAU envisions a case in which a women is locked up in an automatic house, in which it is worth giving the computer all the information he wants.

But before the reader gloats: "Look, I said it's a good plan to put all these mega corp mirrors and cams in the home! "Notice that this is not the usual in-the-cloud AI: the same named AI in Noga Landau's screenplay is a review of old independent beings made by crazy scholars who begin to think that their makers do not have the best missions.

But Maika Monroe is playing Julia, a little robber who is already in a bad way when she is abducted and taken to an underground lab. Another two peripheral inhabitants are sharing a mobile with her and wait to be rescued between the hurtful experiences a quiet physician (Ed Skrein's Alex) is carrying out on them. Noting that" we are not the kind of person the cops are looking for," imaginative Julia decided to go her own way and it works - to a certain extent.

She soon finds herself in the more convenient part of Alex's smoother, deco-echoing manor, and negotiates one-to-one with her kidnapper: he has to plunder her brains in order to practice the kind of man-made intellect that will soon make him even richer than he is; and he has a sharp-edged murderous robotic and a flock of aircrafts that they can coerce into staying and executing his orders.

When Julia sees the decks piled up in his favour, she is content with showering regularly, genuine clothing and hard foods instead of mash. However, TAU is a sample for the AI Alex wants to launch and is only 95% trustworthy. In a teleconference, Julia listens to the creator and admits that his sporadic mistakes can be eradicated by checking what information the computer has ahold of.

Juliet chooses to deal with the bot's database diets in the hope of getting him to release her. Julia and TAU watch the most captivating (albeit gullible) sequences of the movie while Alex is out of the workhouse: "I've got to go to work: In spite of its expertise in a multitude of tasks, the computer is not familiar with the notion of personality or with the realities beyond the borders of this frameless world.

She cunningly implants the notion that both merit experiencing independence in a universe beyond Alex's reach. It turns out Alex is less emotionally charged than his creations, although he is irritated when he wonders if Julia is cheating on him.

Later revelations that Alex has ways to penalize the AI herself create some surprising touching elements.

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