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High quality limits: Is it good for the game, bad for the edition? Will the new Tau Commander or any HQ limits be good for the gameplay of Warhammer 40-k, but good for the edition? They are on their way, but they will miss a commando position noticably. Of course I am talking about the new Commander by distance restriction in the Tau Codex.

At best, it was a rotten solution which, in the worse case scenario, would change the basic 8. Also, the root issues that cause commiters' spamming were not really addressed. I can only think of a 1 per discretion as the only one I can think of is the solitaire for Harlequins. So, in 2000 points, I could spamming that, have 12 CP, and still have 100+ points tosave.

I WAS IN A NINE COMMANDOS. Whilst commanders may be more efficient (although this is questionable with Custodes Captains), the point is that it is alow. Here it can be regarded as harmful for the EDITION. While Commander Spam can be poor for the gameplay, this issue is based on the basic principles of "Build the Army YOU WANT".

Exceptions are several Tau Commanders in a department. Looks like eight commander-level guys all have priority. Much more than many other delegations that are permitted (looks back at Magnus and Mortarion who play together). One or two high commandos from JUST Tau Commanders were what those guys hate. It'?s not so irrational to have a brigade with two commanders, is it?

However, no one has used COMMUNDER Spam because of the synergy effect of a large number of commands. Raise the points on the Commandant! Increasing it by 15 to 30 points wouldn't necessarily make it difficult to blend into a battle or brush (especially how inexpensive firefighters are), but multiplicate that by 5 in a Supreme Command detach.... and you'll have a lot more points on the game.

The" O.R." guns on the commandant are more expensive. Don't break the high commando so much. CP +1 is just too much bonuses when a lot of HQs are spammed is a really great one. In summary, WHILE something had to be done to stop the misuse of commanders spams, GW, I believe, went the wrong way with it AND acted in the interest of metabolism and not the sanity of the issue as a whole, and really only took the simplest way out, the symptom and not the probl.

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