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Receive directions, ratings and information about Target in Honolulu, HI. Hopes are high for the new location in the Ala Moana Center. A cashier is currently being sought near Honolulu. What does a taxi from Target, Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, HI, USA in Honolulu, HI cost? Destination in the center of Ala Moana.

Goal - 1692 pictures & 492 reviews - Department Stores - 4380 Lawehana St, Honolulu, HI - Telephone number

So, I eventually chose to introduce a long past due NEW rating for Target. Actually, I started to visit Target 1-2 years ago because I was busy with the laughable amount in Walmart (Keeaumoku), so although Walmart is much nearer to home (I reside in Palolo Valley), I would make the trip to Salt Lake for shopping.

It was beyond ecstasy when they opened Target Ala Moana, but I quickly realised that their multi-layered lay-out is so painful& no matter how often I go there, I can never quite recall where things are. That' s why I still go to Salt Lake after Target.

What really brings me to Target, however, is the fact that they just don't get as full and frantic as Walmart. When Walmart is full of tourist &"questionable" beings, Target is mostly army staff and/or their family. Overall unless I'm in a fix & can stop at Walmart in the early mornings ( "before the overwhelming majority ofthe populace awakes & chooses to heal at down there), I now picks target over them & de chooses Salt Lake over Ala Moana despite having to travel twice as far.

To see a set of 4* and 5* ratings because that is what any corporation that should make good deals, but they get a 1* this one from me. Woman bought something on-line and we receive an e-mail confirming the order, then a second e-mail confirming that the order is finished or picking up.

The Salt Lake Stor was the only shop in the city that had the object, so he had to make the hike to collect it. If you go especially on Memorial Day to collect this order, you come there and the employee will scan my order and say they will be right back.

On this point it's just annoying that I've been spending 20-25+ minutes in memory (not including drive time) for something I was pledged was prepared, but can't be satisfied. I' m expressing my discontent, and they are offering me a meager $5 target free credit note for squandering an hour of my precious free and more into throttle for their bad.

I just got an e-mail saying that I didn't collect my order in due course, you have to reverse it, but I can do it! My favourite place to go shopping. There are many indoor car parks at Salt Lake. The trolleys are always neat, tidy and well-equipped.

I like the cleanness of the shop. In the past I used a rival for my everyday things, but the car park and the inside of the shop is simply not acceptable. The prices are a little higher, but I'd rather be spending more in a cleaner place. Walked to Target and our teller was unbelievable.

When you are looking for Christmas presents and Hawaiian theme Christmas decoration, this target has a wide range. They are in the seasons area on the back of the shop and they wear some in the areas on the front side of the shop with decoration. As a matter of fact, I came to collect an order on-line (an Otto that fits perfect in my lounge and keeps ceilings for those cool nights), and the whole thing was really simple.

the day before Target came to Oahu. Everybody made sure to beat the stores during each continental journey, seizing those staples items at fair prices that can be tough to find at other on-site stores. t. When Target opted to open their gates on the Isle, everyone was thrilled, even though we knew that there was a small surcharge from the landprice.

Destination is so perilously habit-forming! Ensure that you have a map for exactly what you want to buy, or anticipate leaving with a truckload of objects. You also have a good choice of articles, from toilet articles to work equipment to food. When I don't need something right away, I sometimes order the articles on-line to collect them from the shop.

This way I can get rebates and get the continental rates for most articles to safe on the other articles I will unavoidably buy once I'm in the shop. Lovin' your whole store's prize scanner too. So, what can we say about Target that has never been said before?

Everybody I know likes (or doesn't object, hah!) going to Target, and target runs are definitely the funniest and most timeconsuming. It is precisely this place that has the best bull-seye play area (IMO) to look forward to. This target has probably the largest play area on the whole isle. Unlike some of the typical $1-$10 items on the market (e.g. - mobile chargers, kids kink cracks, etc.), they have items that match the seasons.

I' ve also seen that this place has the kindest workpeople. I sometimes miss scanning my articles with my application while I'm shopping, and she doesn't care if I do it at the checkout (I don't do it when there are rows of people). Some more professionals to this place is that it always seems tidy and there are plenty of car parks.

Aim, you swing, don't alter at all (lol)! When I got here, there wasn't one the workman said had more at Ala Moana's. Let's compute. Nearly too much thought in Black Friday. Think of a mall where all the staff are kind and God help, really helpfully.

So I bought several pieces of furnishings from this place and they were very useful to get new stock from behind, and even suggested that I could cut costs with the comparison tool. This is a great place to be, and it's in good condition, considering how preoccupied they are.

And who doesn't like Target? And if that doesn't help, it's in the Salt Lake area, right next to Bougainville and Salt Lake Boulevard, up the hillside from Aloha Stadium. They will not miss this enormous "target". "It' s neat, well-equipped and roomy. I' ve been to the other places and this is not as busy as the Ala Moana area.

But when you've been to one destination, you've been to all of them. Don't miss to get your target application for all these Cartwheel Deals! I' m a frequent visitor to this destination. The place is never really overcrowded and the snakes have never been too long on the dates and hours I come.

There is nothing out of the ordinary or different about this place. It' s very neat, too. All I had was a little bit of hiccups where I wanted to ask someone for the whereabouts of an object I was looking for, and all he said was to ask someone else while he was taking a rest. I' ve got to say, Hawaii Target has a different price than the one on the continent.... I should know, because it's about me to save $$ and I'm always with the best offers down!

Aww, I like Target. So I suggest using the Target application to verify prices.... every penny makes a big deal in my work! Apart from that Target was my "Go-To" for just about everything and everything, and a BIG PLUS for a STARBUCK! makes Mummytime so much better (:

The Great Target - neat and organised. I' ve recently had a poor record of spending several of my lifetime ordering something from - a few videogames for a Christmas gift that doesn't seem to be sent to Hawaii....not at all. Try to find videogames at Target Ala Moana (nope), Target Kapolei (nope) and Target Iwilei (and nope).

I like Kapolei as a place to be, just because it is larger, the corridors are broader and not so narrow, better open floor plan of the shop and more car parks....BUT I will come here if Kapolei is not what I want. I' ve been looking for Christmas lights that don't have a shop in the state of Hawaii.

So I watched Wal-Mart (nope), City Mill (nope) and was hoping to find her here today (nope). I got out of the limousine, tried to move the trolley, the bikes were fully bolted so that I appeared like an fool handling a freezed trolley, which I immediately brought back to its place in my stable.

That position also has a respectable amount of auto checkout newsstands that I also like, as opposed to Target Kapolei, where there were three auto checks that were out of order (it may have been changing since I last visited) I lost another thirty mins that after what I knew would be a non-existent Item, but I counted a Pineapple shirts and an LEDs fluorescent building toc.

Gone to the Kapolei Target for My Thanksgiving Christmas decoration and was briefly making a few decors and was able to find more here in this deal. I like that they are shut in the middle of the nights, I could go to the shops without crowds and I could also go to the shops for Christmas. Cute, tidy place and cheerful tellers.

That' my favourite destination on the whole damn thing! "O "O yeah im going to TargeƩ" by Ali G's Main Man Alex Recently, while I was looking for the Moanalua Navy Service Center (which wasn't the right way, by the way), I resolved to stop by that mall for a beverage at their Starbucks.

When I came into the shop, I found it adequately air-conditioned and the goods were presented more invitingly. This shop was neat and light (ok, so it was fluorescent). It was abundant shop staff of whom I could see who, if you had any queries, could either willingly provide an answer or be willing to examine stock from their smart phones.

When I found my favourite King Arthur sandwich powder at a much lower cost than in our own shops and took a few pouches, I was amazed. Target, every one of your staff who worked at this site this evening (Nov 23rd) earns a reward and a rise.

I' ve seen many employees who were happy to help with a smile and knew very well where the articles were and how many remained. But, really, the best thing for me was the row of workmen who ended up going through the objects that remained.

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