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Back on the mainland, mixed with all the fun stuff you can only find in Hawaii. in one day: Receive directions, ratings and information about Target in Kailua Kona, HI. We're in the Kona Commons shopping mall across from Target. Currently Target is looking for Cart Attendant near Hilo.

Target-Opening Third Hawaii Shop in Kona

KONA, Hawaii (KHNL) - Target has now taken its eyes off the great island of Hawaii when its first shop was opened there on Wednesday for hundred enthusiastic buyers. Not only is there a much-needed push in the Kona industry, some say it is also helping a few hundred individuals to get it right with brand-new work.

"I' m very grateful for Target and give myself a break that it was difficult to be without work, especially in these days, I have a two-year-old and it was hard," she said. Her last time she worked as a teller, so it's just appropriate that she does it here at Target.

It' the third target in the state. "Despite the fact that the industry has been down for a while, every grey cloudy day has a silvery streak, so for us, it was really a boon and our teammates, for over six week, we began coaching and learned the goal philosophy," said goalkeeper Roger Thomas.

All of these members are committed to this principle of speed, enjoyment and friendliness. "I' m so nervous, I've waited for it to open since they first said they would come here, I enjoy buying from continental destinations, and I've always liked their price and quality," said Mary Parker from Kona.

"I' m sure we have enough inhabitants to keep it here. I' m glad Target chose to come here." This is a sense that is also felt by many others, Cabreira among them, now that their lives are right on schedule. Kona branch opens on Sunday. Hilo shop opens in two years.

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There are a number of possibilities for food, products, souvenirs. We are not sure where you live......but when we are in South Kohala, we like to go to Waikoloa Village Market....which is a KTAffiliate. Afterwards we stop at the fishmarket up in Kawaihae.

The Homesteader's Markt in Waimea on Saturday mornings is one of our most popular farmers' fairs. You have a wealth of products, bakery products, blossoms etc.. In Kailua-Kona we will also visit the Safeway and Target.

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