Tahiti Overwater Bungalow

The Tahitian Bungalow

Explore Tahiti's famous surface bungalows. An overwater bungalow holiday on the islands of Tahiti is the perfect holiday experience. This bungalow is located in the mountains with a shallow lagoon. Booking a stay in an above-water bungalow: the icon of the islands of Tahiti. Launch of the first Tahitian-style surface bungalows in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Surface Bungalows in Tahiti

Tahiti is by far the most popular of the French-Polynesian South Pacific and the crossroads for all of them. The best resort destinations are actually elsewhere. However, since all long-haul air travel to and from Tahiti, and many of them do so at very uneven times, these surface destinations are very useful for a first or last overnight on a more comprehensive voyage that also visits other isles.

Up to 25% off for those who reserve at least 30 to 60 nights in advanced, so these early booking rebates are available in many of the fares listed below. All of the above-water spaces are at the edges of the waters, so that they do not protrude into the Laguna like on Moorea or Bora Bora.

Nevertheless, the chalets here are of high value as they provide sound 4-star accommodation at a sensible rate. Located just to the south of Tahiti airport, this is the most comfortable large destination you can get to if your plane is delayed or departs very early, which is usual in this part of the globe.

That' s why these chalets are a great first or last stop on a South Pacific trip, but there are plenty of places to eat and do that you can enjoy for two without getting tired. It is important to remember that the bungalow is located on the waterfront of the lake and not on footbridges that lead into the lake, so it is not easy to enter directly from the room.

Located on the Tahiti Principal Isle, the residence offers visitors an unbelievable choice of dining and culture and its proximity to the Principal Airfield means that transfer is possible regardless of airfare. It is a pivotal issue for many individuals and a good reasons why many choose Tahiti as part of a multiple islands wedding trip or a romance itinerary.

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