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Map of Tahiti Islands

Maps of hotels in the Tahiti area: If you look at the map below, you will see that Tahiti has many different islands to visit. The most famous, most expensive and most famous island. Company Islands, French Polynesia XPF Exchange Rate: http://www.xe.com/currency/xpf-cfp-franc.

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If you look at the map below, you will see that Tahiti has many different islands to explore. The Bora Bora is the most popular, dearest and most popular of the islands. The nearest isle is Moorea with shuttle service or only 10 minutes flying time. There are no shores along the Raiatea, but it is ideal for snorkelling.

You have a "Motu Island" with a great bathing area. Manihi is the place you want to go. It is a long, thin and shallow isle, and has less moisture. The Tahaa has nice sandy areas and reefs, and for complete peace and quiet, Le Taha'a Resort & Spa is a haven of complete tranquillity.

Company Islands & Tahiti Iti - Itinerary & Map

Climb aboard the Paul Gauguin and cruise the seas of Polynesia to get an incomparable, complete glimpse of the true Tahiti with its rugged shores, old rock paintings, sanctuaries and bags of genuine Polynesian cultur. Great explorations are waiting for you in Tahiti Iti ("Little Tahiti"), the smaller of the two land masses that form the Isle of Tahiti, and also Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine and a privately owned paradise off the Taha'a shore.

Polynesia, a wonderful set of volcano islands in the Pacific Ocean, draws a breathtaking image. And as the capitol on the biggest of all 118 islands, Papeete provides infinite possibilities for exploring and relaxing. Known as "The Garden Island" for its lovely rain forests, scenic scenery and charming lake.

Travellers will find something new to discover in every turn, from holy places and some of the best conserved arcaeological monuments in Polynesia, to the colourful marine wildlife that you can experience on a SCUBA or snorkeltrip. Optionally, trips involve 4x4 exploration of the archipelago, a culture trip with Maeva, one of Polynesia's most important islands, and snorkelling over a reef wall during a personal cruise around the area.

Nestled in a shared Laguna with Raiatea and only reachable by bareboat, Taha'a is an perfect place for a restful holiday. Taha'a is a dozy little village with only a few guest houses and small establishments and an original Polish taste. Apropos flavours: It makes about 80% of the world-famous custard flavours from Polynesia, a must when visiting the Isle.

Taha'a is also home to Motu Mahana, a privately owned isle. Bora Bora Bora Bora is a beautiful place to be photographed, with luxuriant summits, sandy whitewater shores and beautiful lakes. However, perhaps Bora Bora's icons are the Otemanu mountain with its rugged, emerald green summits that rise high above the coast.

Featuring only 4,225 residents and a relaxed atmosphere on the islands, the visitor to this lovely part of the globe cannot but enjoy and soothe. You have two and a half working nights to discover the islands, with an option of everything from a relaxed afternoon on the shore or a glass-bottomed cruise to more adventure choices such as walking around the islands with a wave runner or an "aquasafari" - an undersea hike along the sand bottom of the lake.

Moorea, often compared to James Michener's mythic Bali Hai Isle, is definitely a place to be just to see its stunning views. Tahiti's fierce natural beauties of jagged rocks, caverns, waterfalls, crystalline oceans and lovely sandy shores, Tahiti Iti-like other Polyynesian islands - have inspired the artist's fantasy. Tahiti Iti is thinly inhabited and known for its extraordinary (albeit dangerous) windsurfing, which adds to Tahiti's more vibrant side and is best explored with an authority who can unveil its many facete.

Bicycle around the islands, go golfing or snorkeling in a wonderful underwater world with a colourful underwater world.

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