Tahiti Island Location

Location of Tahiti Island

Situated in the archipelago of the Society Islands, Tahiti is the largest island of French Polynesia and a result of volcanic activity. The plantations are located on the islands Raiatea, Tahaa and Huahine, from Bora-Bora. It' not worth it if we don' go to another island. The Tahiti Island Tour with Venus. If you book your rental car online, you will receive the best offers and specials to visit Tahiti & Moorea in French Polynesia.

Island Tahiti information and travel guide

Tahiti, the lifeblood of the South Pacific, is the biggest in a string of isles that make up Polynesia. Its name can be either the name of the island or the name of the whole area. Polynesia of France is a group of 118 inhabited islets, spread over an imposing area of Western Europe.

Nevertheless, these small islets - many of which are left uninhabitated - form a land mass of only 1,600 sqkm. You' re probably asking yourself, where is Tahiti? They are half way between Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. These are in the same timezone as Hawaii and are just as far southward of the Hawaiian expanse as Hawaii in the N...

Often evoking vision of a faraway, untouched paradise, many think they are far away; but in fact, Tahiti is only eight inches from Los Angeles. Tahiti Island is split in two: Most of the northwestern part is known as Tahiti Nui, while the smaller south-eastern part is known as Tahiti Iti.

It is ruled by three defunct mountain volcanoes, among them the Orohena, the highest mountain in Polynesia; the Aorai, known for its unbelievable view; and Le Diadème, who seems to be crowning the island as the legitimate one. Tahiti, the capitol of Papeete, is the business centre of Polynesia.

And because all Faa'a International Airport arrivals are through Faa'a, your tailor-made Tahiti holiday begins and ends in Papeete. If you are perhaps attempted to fly to the other isles immediately, we suggest that you stay at least one or two days. There is an interesting contrasting between Tahiti and some of the quieter, more remote isles of the area; and with a choice of beautiful and comfortable Tahiti resorts, you will never repent.

A lively and multi-cultural town with lively avenues and a lively harbour. Le Marché, the inner-town marketplace, is an exhilarating place to buy everything Tahiti has to offer, featuring custard pods, monoil and colourful pareo. Right down the road in Le Centre Vaima is the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, a good starting point if you want to buy a Tahiti silver bead during your sojourn.

Along the coast, this seafront comes to live at nights when gastronomic lorries, Les Roulottes, open their doors to offer a variety of reasonably priced dishes, among them delicious traditional dishes, crêpes, steak fries, seafood and more. Tahiti is also a picturesque island with luxuriant scenery and large falls.

Tahiti is one of the most varied island in France. It is recommended to explore these inner summits and dales on a walking trail or safari by car. Beginner surfers can take windsurfing or instruction on some of the softer island sands. The Olivier Bréaud golf course, one of only two golf greens in Polynesia, also offers one golf game.

The city of Tahiti is truly the centre of all outreach. Each year in July Heiva I Tahiti turns the island into a sensational festival of Polish civilization and music. At the InterContinental Resort you can enjoy an immersive Tahitian dancing show every Friday and Saturday evening throughout the year. Ongoing historic facilities are the home of James Norman Hall, Point Venus, the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands, the Paul Gauguin Museum and the Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens.

They can be visited on a Circle Island Tour or you can hire a vehicle and discover the island in peace and quiet. Tahiti, often overseen by travellers who want to see the Outlands, is more than just a means to an end. The amount of boarding depends on you, but give yourself the opportunity to see everything the island has to show - beyond the first glance from the air.

InterContinental Tahiti Spa & Tahiti is the biggest luxurious spa on the island of Tahiti. Only five mins from the international airports, it is also the most comfortable. In spite of this closeness to the city centre, the guesthouse offers a beautiful Polyynesian haven..... Manava Suite Tahiti is a contemporary waterfront retreat with stunning ocean view over the Moorea area.

Situated on the west shore, this is only ten-minute drive from the Aiport. The Meridien Tahiti offers an ideal location by the sea along a wonderful sandy stretch of coastline on the west shore of Tahiti. Situated further southwards from Papeete than any other on the island, the hostel is only fifteen min.....

The Vanira Lodge is set in the rolling countryside above Teahupoo, on the south-east shore of Tahiti Iti, with magnificent sea-view. Tahiti Pearl Resort is set on an expansive sandy shore and offers luxuriant scenery and wonderful sea-view. Only ten mins from Papeete, it is the perfect place for your holiday, your holiday or your shop.....

Royal Tahitia is a small Polynesia style resort with a relaxed island atmosphere and a lush green gardens on the outskirts of a sandy and sandy area. Tahiti Nui is the newest of the island's hotels. In contrast to the other seaside resort in Tahiti, this is in the centre of Papeete and offers you.....

Take this educational tour with Marama Tours around the island of Tahiti. You will be taken to the most famous sights of the island and told interesting stories by your English language travelogue. Travel through Tahiti's thick rainforest and steep valley on this 4x4 Jeep Safari with Marama Tours.

The English-language rider will take you to the volcano craters that shaped Tahiti over a million years ago. Hiking to Mount Aorai, Tahiti's second highest mountain, on this led tour with Marama Tours. Explore Tahiti's wild inside on an ATV. Cross streets, paths and streams to get to Tahiti's famous Lake Vaihiria and Blue Lake.

Travel through Tahiti's thick rainforest and steep valley on this 4x4 Jeep Safari with Marama Tours. The English-language rider will take you to the volcano craters that shaped Tahiti over a million years ago. Have an enjoyable night with supper at Le Coco's in Tahiti. Root & Signature Menu emphasizes the genuine flavours of France;.....

Sightsee Tahiti Island in your own Avis Pacificar hire vehicle and have the liberty to drive where your interest leads you and the road allows. You' ll be able to admire breathtaking vistas and see many historic places around the island. Spend an afternoons on the island of Moorea with Marama Tours.

Cross the colourful lake aboard a convenient motorised vessel while your tour leader tells you the island's story.

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