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The Tahiti Charters

You are the sparkling jewels in the exotic waters of your Tahitian sailing holiday. Since these islands are located in leeward from Tahiti, they are known as the Leewards. Here is the main port from which most sailing ships will depart. There are many charter companies that will deliver your yacht to Papeete or Moorea if you want to start your sailing holiday from the island of Tahiti. All luxury charter yachts in Tahiti and the French Polynesian Islands, including crewed motor and sailing yachts.

Charter Tahiti Yachts Charter Guide - Charter a bareboat or powerboat in Tahiti

Holidays in Tahiti - a perfect destination for your next boatcharter or boating vacation! The Tahiti is a magic place where palm groves of powdered sand line the beach and flowery greetings are as charming as the long evenings of sunset. Awaiting you are plunging cascades, imposing peaks, lonely lakes and a relaxing rhythm of your Tahiti boat rent.

More than 100 isles are grouped in 5 volcano and reef isles, which offer almost limitless sailability. Tahiti has many different types of moorings, coves, lakes to discover, and good constant breezes to help you on your way on your Tahiti boat rent. Tahiti offers boundless opportunities for cruising, with over 100 islets grouped in volcano and reefs.

You' ll find that the Society Isles are the most populated archipelago, surrounded by some of the world's most popular dive sites, such as Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. With your boat you will be able to visit even the most distant places like the Tuamotu Atolls and the mystical Marquesas Island in the northern part with its beautiful coves and its Polyynesian myth ologies and myth.

It is said that the ghosts of the old Maohi still dwell here alongside those living on Mystic Island and Hiva Island. Or, in the southern part, the Austral Islands and the Gambier Islands are far off the well-trodden paths for the adventuresome. Whilst Tahiti's friendliness and charm are renowned around the globe, a Tahiti Yachtcharter goes the additional distance to do so.

Exquisite dining, Polish spa, dance shows and honeymoon cruising are just a few of the things you can enjoy during your Tahitian yacht charter vacation. It is the principal peninsula of Polynesia, a group of archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast and half way between Australia and California.

France-Polynesia encompasses over two million sq. m. of the South Pacific, an area larger than Europe, and consists of 118 archipelagoes. Three of the most popular are the Society Isles, consisting of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha'a; the Tuamotu Atolls of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau and Fakarava; and the mystical Marquesas in the northern part.

The vulcanic island really does provide incredible scenery from your sailboat. The majority of its residents have Polish origins, sometimes mixed with either Mandarin or Flemish cuisine. Tahitian people are proud of their island and commend it by chanting, dance and carrying jewelry. All kinds of Tahiti charters are available.

If you want to rent a Tahitian sailing vessel or sailing catamarans to sailing near the island and the reef or a luxurious power cruiser, we can find you the right vessel for your needs. While we have both bareboat and crew charters, we usually suggest you rent a captain - you will be able to unwind and the captain will tell you a great deal about the area and its past.

Tahiti's wonderful beaches, empty beaches and celestial landscape make it an excellent place for a family outing. These are just two of the many testimonies we have obtained from charterers in Tahiti: We wanted to have a great journey and, above all, we enjoyed your charters.

Best team we' ve ever had to deal with on any yacht charters in the whole state. Faa'a International Airport is located on the Tahiti Principal Isle, just outside the city of Papeete. In this case, the airline company of the country, Tahiti and Moorea will offer scheduled services between Papeete and over 40 airports in France.

Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, Qantas, Japan and Air New Zealand offer frequent round-trip services. The only requirement for citizens of France is a form of identification. Tahiti travelers must have a six-month travel back voucher and pass.

Raiatea is the sailor' s capitol of Polynesia and is 45 minutes from Faa'a Aiport. This is where most of our charters are based, and this is where you begin your cruises to Bora Bora and beyond. Tahitian and Frensh are the major language areas, but English is widely used in all major tourism areas.

It is denominated in the French Pacific Franc (XPF or CFP). You will find ATMs and ATMs at Faa'a Airport and on the major isles. In the other isles VISA and MasterCard are acceptable in most establishments, shops and shops. Known as one of the most romantically places in the whole wide globe, Tahiti is ideal for a honeymoon!

Tahiti's wonderful sandbeach, charming dining, tranquil sunset, relaxing tempo and secluded setting make it an excellent place to hide out for those just getting married (or those on a second honeymoon). Tahiti is a Tahiti honmoon charters specialist and we have many customers who love it! In Tahiti and Polynesia, only a small number of boats are available for rent, so you must reserve at least 6 month in advance.

Known as the queens of the Pacific, Tahiti and Moorea have some of the most beautiful views of the sunset from a boat. They have huge craggy summits rising into the skies and are encircled by whitish sand and astonishing coves.

Just think, the sundowner hides behind Moorea as it penetrates the blue-crimson water! Papeete, the capital of the Isle of Tahiti, has a very colorful Le Marche, where you can buy Tahitian fruit, wildlife, floral and handicrafts. Moorea, about 17 km away, is the twin Tahitian islands and exploding out of the sea into a broad, flat bay.

It is a popular vulcanic archipelago with two broad and shallow coves, Opunohu Bay and Cook Bay. The Moua Puta (pierced mountain) is one of the tops of Moorea that is best seen from the ocean on your sail. The Moorea is an excellent place to sail if you want to unwind and get away from the rapid tempo of the world.

There are some of the best snorkeling and scuba dive sites in the whole wide range, as there are no powerful current and the underwater environment is abound. If you want to experience the sea at first hand, you can go swimming with the Dolphin in the Moorea Dolphin Centre. Situated just over 200 km northwest of Tahiti, these are the most advanced sailors' infrastructures and tourist attractions.

Nearly every islet is protected by a wall of reefs that provide large, clear waters for sailors. Small, inhabited islets are scattered over the lagoon, which creates good anchoring places and an astonishing submarine landscape. Raiatea - The Holy Isle is the yacht charter capitol of France. Here is the central port from which most sailboats will dock.

There are many companies that ship your boat to Papeete or Moorea when you want to begin your vacation from the Tahiti isle. The Raiatea is about 45 minutes by plane from Tahiti or 24 hour sailboat, and Bora Bora Bora Bora is 5 hour sailboat from Raiatea. Taha'a, known as The Vanilla lsland, is 5 km away and is the little sisters of Raiatea, which shares the same laguna.

A lot of yachtsmen make this their first stop to sail to settle down in their yachts, and you can also go to their first Tahiti bead factory. The secret island of Hua Hine is one of the best conserved where you can still live the true life style of Polynesia from the far past.

Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific, and slightly one of the most attractive places on the world. Famed for its blue water and breathtaking mountains, there are few places where you can spend a relaxing holiday enjoying your yachting and celebrating special events like a honeymoon or weddings in the private sphere of your own boat.

Many small islets ( "motu") are dotted around the lagoon. More than 200 northeast of Tahiti, the Tuamotu Atolls are the biggest group of Korean islets in the whole wide open sea, with over 75 islets covering 20,000 sqkm. Away from the contemporary realm, the Tuamotu Atolls provide a touch of heaven - cristal clear lagoon corals, palm trees wavering in the tropic breeze, and Polynesian girl smiles carrying blossoms in her dark skull.

The Tahitian Black Pearls have made Manihi their home. The Tikehau and Fakarava have been designated a UNESCO Cultural Patrimony thanks to their abundant ecosystems, abundant seabirds, rarer flora and critters. The approach and cruising in this area takes at least two weeks and will require seasoned yachtsmen to master the passages and tides.

You can also find some of the best woodcarvers and sculptors in the whole wide range of tattoos. Of the 20 inhabited islets, some are still underdeveloped. Nukuhiva and Hiva'oa, the two major isles, offer well-protected fjordbays off the rock. Marquesas islets are 7-10 day northeast of Raiatea.

The Tahiti archipelago lies just southwards of the Ecuadorian Sea, half way between California and Australia. A lot of meals are affected by the flavour of France. For all the above mentioned reason Tahiti is one of the most popular yachting locations in the developper.

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